"I guess what i can do is make the map tiles smaller. Then make tiles 5x5, then when a player clicks on it it destroys it." - PCGeek (The Saloon)

Basically, I am trying to make the map tiles smaller, (around about 5x5 tiles (Pixels that is)). I think i can handle the Demolition part myself. If this isnt possible. Is there anyway to make it possible via code?

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icon_size = 5

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Not quite what i had in mind. That increased the size of the tiles and just zoomed into the map sort of. It doesn't seem to work quite well with Forum_account's Side Scroller Library.
Ill rephrase my question.

Is it possible to have 5x5 icons that i can mine and will work ok with Forum_account's Library?

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I also need these 5x5 icons to be proper sized icons, im planning to say have a ground of 5x5 icons, and some of them different. (For example: Sand, then dirt, Stone, Sand)


How to i make the map 5x5 tile? I am trying to place an 5x5 tile in a row and i want no gaps between each tile. Right now its acting as the 5x5 tile is an 32x32 tile.
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Have you tried making the dmi files in 5x5. If you have maybe I could suggest...Making object and Mob icons larger so that it looks like that square is only a small fraction...If your using mechs 96x96 mechs can look pretty detailed and sweet.
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The dmi files are 5x5. The map shows big gaps between each icon. Because the map reads it has an 32x32 tile still. I am just trying to make an 5x5 tile with the icon.
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Look into pixel_x and pixel_y. They shift the atom's icon when it is rendered on the screen. pixel_x=5 would render the icon 5 pixels to the right of its original location.
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Assuming you want what I think you want, you need to set world.icon_size to 5, then increase client.view to around ~30. That should produce the desired effects.

If you are using FA's pixel movement, you can set the bounding box for mobs to be whatever size you want, so player mobs can just be bigger mobs with the appropriate bounding boxes.
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You can set an atom's pwidth and pheight vars to 5, giving it a 5x5 bounding box.

The library only checks for collisions with atoms in oview(1) of the player, so you probably don't want to set world.icon_size to 5 if mobs are still going to be large.