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Polaris8920's Games
Friend Maker
A game that allows you to find friends with similar interests.
About Friend Maker
The fun of MadLibs in a BYOND game.
About MadLibs
Operation Fatality
Much like the PS2 Game Project Eden.
About Operation Fatality
Polaris8920's Demos
Blood Demo
A demo on how you can make customizable blood.
Re: About Blood Demo
Capture the Flag
A small Capture the Flag demo I had sitting on my harddrive.
About Capture the Flag
Line Graph
A demo on how you can make a moving line graph.
About Line Graph
Prefix Demo
A demo to show how to add player inputted prefixes to their names.
About Prefix Demo
Ranking System
A demo to show how to implement a ranking system.
About Ranking System
Smart Filter
A demo filter for text that will remove masking punctuation and filter the word. Then put back in the punctuation.
About Smart Filter
A demo on how to scroll gradients in text like in Xooxer.Chatters.
About TextGradients
Polaris8920's Libraries
.Txt Parser
When XML parsing is too good for you. Parses .txt files or plain text to find values between HTML style tags.
About .Txt Parser
Basic Base System
A small system that is basic and #define powered for easy customization and use.
About Basic Base System
A system to aid in the creation of Help Systems and other branching things.
About BrowserTree
Cheat Codes System
A library using /cheat datums to process cheat codes. With full customization!
About Cheat Codes System
Combat Proliferation Source
A game for the 8k contest.
About Combat Proliferation Source
Date Functions
Ever wanted to do things like add dates or find the difference between two dates? Update: Time Functions and /date datums!
About Date Functions
Datum Converse
Make choose your own adventure like conversations with this library.
About Datum Converse
A small collection of procedures that have been transformed into datum versions.
About Datumize
Draw Shapes
A library used to draw shapes at runtime without using pre-made icons.
About Draw Shapes
HUD Manage
A library to handle HUD procedures such as adding, removing, hiding, unhiding and using HUD icons.
About HUD Manage
Icon Focus
Now you can make type specific icons with only one icon!
About Icon Focus
Object Text
Overlay text or even scroll text on an object.
About Object Text
A small way to help debug procs from taking too much CPU.
About ProcCount
Rogue Stickz Source
A small game for the 8K cartridge classic contest.
About Rogue Stickz Source
Screen Messages
A short bit of code to show how to display text messages on the HUD.
About Screen Messages
Star Code
A code for adding Star Overlays like the ones in Kajika's DMO.
About Star Code
Statpanel Pager System
A pager system made by me. All pager stuff is in 2 statpanels.
About Statpanel Pager System
Text Names
A short bit of code to display the players name under their character. Also includes changing color.
Re: About Text Names
Auto generate a list of HTML anchors along with chapters to make a tree of your web articles.
About WebTree
X,Y,Z Saving
A short bit of code to save a player's location when they logout, When they login it checks if they have saved their X,Y,Z. This also uses a savefile demo I found in the Libraries.
About X,Y,Z Saving