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You misinterpreted what I said. That's the main reason behind it. The reason why people roleplay here, and not on other RPGs, (specifically mine, but I won't mention it at all) like the MMORPG's of today, is because there's no high achievement. You can roleplay and you won't have any trouble with keeping up with the pace of the game. There's no higher end to achieve. If there was, more powergamers striving to reach the top would drown out the roleplayers.
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This is exactly why you of all people aren't missing anything by not being there. Of course there's high achievement and advancement... it's just not the sort of achievement and advancement you can have a computer measure for you.

No advancement? Your burrow starts out as a hole in the ground. With hard work, ingenuity, some clever trading, it becomes a fully-functioning and well-decorated restaurant, or winehall, or bank, or sporting arena. It's taken me between 20-30 game hours to get Elsinore into shape. I don't need the computer to give me a burrow score of 99 to know that my burrow is neat, or that a beginning player couldn't duplicate it without playing for as long a time, or longer. I'm not done, either. The more resources I accumulate, the more consistently I'll be able to offer services, and the more resources I'll get back.

No advancement? When a character is newly created, no one knows who they are. Over time, as word of their exploits and their characteristics (honesty, duplicity, etc.) grows, you begin to acquire a reputation. Again, there's no "alignment" or "fame" attribute... in a world nearly devoid of NPCs, why would there have to be? The player of 'Thanos' has put a lot of time and effort into building his reputation, and it's gotten to the point where new characters know about him before he knows about them.

No achievement? Thanos's name is feared and reviled throughout the land. No achievement? What about the person who made a legendary badger sword (much harder with new smithing rules)? Or what about the person who made a well-appointed bar/dining area, fully (and tediously) stocked with exceptional wine? Again, the computer doesn't pat you on the back, but the achievement is there... and unlike an artificial rating system, there's no end to the level of achievement you can reach. Becoming a community leader today could turn into becoming a world leader tomorrow... and you don't have to wait for someone to write code for that.
So easy? It's actually adversity which thrusts characters together, forcing interaction... ask the "Pissed Off Merchant's Guild" how easy the game is. It's actually easier to knock someone down and take their stuff than it is to get or make stuff for yourself.

Someone (you, maybe?) said that if there's no reward for actions, there is no point. I agree. If you have to be told when you're being given a reward, though, you're missing the point.

My character heals anyone who asks, for free, until they're completely recovered or she's exhausted. Is there no reward for this because her Cosmic Brownie Points score doesn't go up? If you say so, but I call getting free herbs where ever you go a pretty nice reward.

A lot of what goes on in Hedgerow Hall isn't pure roleplaying, so much as it is a smallscale model of the real world. Economics. Sociology. Psychology. None of this is coded, nothing is simulated. It's real. You want to know why people get so into HRH? Because it's real. The goods are fake, the economy is real. The people are fake, the society is real.

And FYI, you, like everyone else, is unbanned as of Thursday. You, like everyone else, will be re-banned as soon as you do something to warrant it, and you, like everyone else, will be told in no uncertain terms, "Stop [x] or you will be banned." And when you continue to do [x], you, just like everyone else, will complain and say I banned you for no reason.

Of course, why you care about being banned from a pointless game is beyond me...
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And where exactly did I say your game was pointless?
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