Sum-Sum Productions wrote:
Pixel movement is the same - it doesn't necessarily make the game more fun, but it allows a plethora of previously untouched possibilities.

I greatly disagree. Play a crappy DBZ rip right now with tiled movement. Now play one that was hypothetically converted to have pixel movement but was, in fact, the same game. Tell me which game is more fun. The pixel movement one is far more fun because it allows action oriented parts of the game to actually work well. Without it, the game is just a big self train because it's just annoying trying to fight or something with tiled movement.
@Sum-Sum Productions
I think the main technical reason anyone would use a hexagon based map is to make movements in any direction equivalent.

Aside from the technical reason, I think people choose hexagons because they are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye when compared to squares.

Consider Catan, UniWar, or even Hex Empire. Would those games been as succesful if they were made with squares?

When you play board games like Catan or UniWar, you have the ability to surround another part with 6 true neighbors where-as with squares, you only get 4 true neighbors.

In short, hexagons are sexy and squares, not so much.
Besides, if you do this challenge, you don't even technically need to use a hexagon based map. Get creative, am I right?
@Fugsnarf: That's right. Provided the hexagons are utilized as part of the core game play, do whatever you want.
PopLava wrote:
@Fugsnarf: That's right. Provided the hexagons are utilized as part of the core game play, do whatever you want.

When choosing themes, I try to pick something that has many meanings or can lead to a vast amount of different gameplay mechanics. Saying "do whatever you want" with hexagons is a lot like saying "do whatever you want with 'turn based'". I don't see many options available to a developer to use hexagons except tessellating them on the map.

A good theme should naturally lead each developer to a different expression of that theme, even if they're not trying to be unique. This one presents one obvious answer, and maybe a handful of others here and there, if you think really hard about it.

I'm not trying to troll your contest. I've tried several times to think of a use that doesn't involved tiling them on a map. Aside from some nominal uses, I'm drawing a blank. Think of how many finished entries you'd like to have in your contest. Can you think of that many unique game mechanics using your theme?
I can't really argue the point about hexagons being a sort of one trick pony. Coming up with a game idea which doesn't involve interlocking hexagons is challenging.

The style of games that hexagons lend themselves to are one of the best suited genres for the BYOND platform and a potentially large player base.

The goal behind the hexagon was to help provide some level of focus toward creating multi-player games which are well suited for the Flash-Client architecture.

Some key selling factors were; primarily map based, primarily turn based (low latency, lower server costs), easy multi-player implementations, and typically lower graphic requirements (static images).

On top of the technical reasons, I personally beleive there's strong market appeal for these types of games.

Besides, I can't say it enough. The variations are pleasantly unlimited and people just love pretty hexagon style games.

There are still a fair number of genres (outside of risk like) that hexagons can be applied to. Here's a couple for starters.

- Gem based games
- Games like Othello or dominoes where hexagonal pieces are played one after the other. No base map is needed but might be helpful for guidance.
- Tower Defense games. I think BYOND would actually do well with a defense style game like castle with hexagons.Pathfinding could be a challenge though.
- Tomb Explorer like variation using hexagons might be fun
- MindSweeper using hexagons

My arguments "for" are not as strong as your arguments "against". I accept that. I concede the debate. However, the contest will move forward and we'll see how it plays out. I have "faith" in the Hexagon. :P

After this competition or perhaps in parallel but on a different thread, I'd love to start a discussion over what it means to succeed with BYOND and how we can go about doing it. For starters, how do we handle 500+ players through the flash client?

Something I was thinking about was a side-scroller in which you're a hexagon, just as an example of something different that could be done but would still be a little challenging.
The trick there is that the hexagon needs to be more than just a visual. The hexagon shaped player might be able to run and jump but that doesn't count. The hexagon itself needs to somehow interact with the environment and contribute to the core game play.

If you have any doubts, go ahead and send your concept or mock-up and I'll review it to make sure you won't be disqualified.
That was kind of my point. Your hexagon character would roll around and need to react to the environment with all six sides of his body.
Ah, right. That little detail wasn't called out so.. I didn't want to assume anything. :P
Where do I give you my genre/theme?
ok im dropping out... I have no clue what the hell Hexago is and it looks way to confusing for me...

actually i might look at the source you have provided and see if i can make the most out of it... GUWEHEHEHEHE
The Hex Map Example was updated and now includes an early implementation for multiplayer support including AI. Get the latest version before the deal goes away which is in just a few hours.

Hex Example
Gotta drop out, this Hexagon thing is limiting my ideas. Wish these contests were more simple...
ShadeCyberPlatinum wrote:
Gotta drop out, this Hexagon thing is limiting my ideas. Wish these contests were more simple...

Pretty much the reason I'm not doing this is because of the hexagon theme.

I'll take a vote this evening and see if we can put an end to this. Although, if it were to "open up" and none of you submitted anything anyway, I should be able to submit you for lashings.

If the hexagon theme gets out-voted, I will restart the competition immediatly and throw an additional 50$ into the pot as punishment for my poor judgement.

Votes for continuing on with the hexagon theme will be taken into strong account. If we have a handful of strong entries, we should push on.

If it is decided that we should change and you already started on a hexagon theme, no worries, it will still be elligable regardless of any new theme choices.

Expect a follow-up email/vote later this evening.
I'm making a game using Hexagons, I will wait until tomorrow for the final verdict though.
Im a week to slow! Guess il better start!
-or is it to late to *sign up*?
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