PopLava wrote:
provided the game play is vastly different so there is no question as to whether it was a "remake" or not.

Eh, probably wouldn't work out then. I'll do something else.
Well, after checking the rules, I guess Tanx is eligible, though I'm a bit concerned.

Due to a byond bug, the multiplayer is a bit annoying, since you have to use a macro to fix your network delay.

Regardless, I'll submit Tanx as my entry.

Here is the playable .dmb and .rsc (zipped), if you'd like the actual code files, or if this isn't the place to sign up for this, then let me know. Otherwise, please let me know if it's a valid entry, it passes all the requirements, but I'd like to be sure.


As far as I can tell, your project meets all the requirements to be a legal submission. I've downloaded the .dmb and verified that it works as expected.

The bug should be of little consequence since it's known, understood, and from your comments, worked around.
What is midnight for you? Midnight for me (on the deadline date) is in about 48 hours.

EDIT: Also, my game requires a remote server, and I lack a 24/7 host, so if ever saves fail, it's because my computer somehow shutdown.
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