Is there a way to completely clear out or wipe clean an output window so all the previous text is not visible anymore?
In response to SuperAntx (#1)
No that does not work.
In response to Radical Designs (#2)
Works for me, just make sure you wipe the correct output panel.
In response to SuperAntx (#3)
I did. It does not completely clear the output window for me. I don't want any previous text from any other event in the window. Perhaps something is conflicting, I will check.
In response to Radical Designs (#4)
What do you mean "doesn't completely clear the window?" Is it only partially clearing? Is it clearing anything at all?

If it's doing nothing then you're either clearing the wrong output or you're supposed to be clearing something other than src.
In response to SuperAntx (#5)
It wasn't clearing the window out at all. I did some re-arranging and it worked fine. I don't know why. I had been directing it to the correct window the entire time.
In response to Radical Designs (#6)
You're not supposed to be outputting it to a window. You're supposed to be outputting it to an output.