Keywords: pokemon
This is a non code ripped game that's a combination of being a trainer and a Pokemon like in the mystery dungeon series without the movement limits. You start of as a trainer who picks a Pokemon in the lab. Starter Pokemon includes Eevee and Pikachu. You can battle Ai wild Pokemon, Ai gym leaders, other players, and will be able soon to capture Pokemon. Hopefully I can try to code in better Ai's to used othe moves than the bump attack proc. You can breed and trade pokemon This game will have a storyline to it, once all the bugs are removed.

I am in need of an icon ripper(pokemon,item,turf,attack),iconer(custom icons such as shiny Pokemon,custom attack sprites,Pokeballs.etc),an excellent mapper.
I am also in need of coders, but i am not willing to share my code. If you are a beginner code, I will teach you some things. Basically we just need an intermediate coder or higher up.
can you umm host pokemon world mysteries atleast?
If you need an iconer, contact me! I have all mystery dungeon and all Heart Gold Soul Silver icons. I can edit to make shinys, and I belive I MIGHT be able to get attack icons with help from my friends.I dont know of any coders who could help, but ask around. Thank You.
It been so long since I've been on byond, I hope your still up for the offer.