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May 17 2012, 8:16 pm
RCET. I've been looking for you for quite some time, IM me on AIM SN: "The Onis Lair" or email at [email protected] I've got questions about DBZ: Reality

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Rcet's Games
Bestest game evur! ITS DBZ!!
The bstest dbz game evur! a must dl! IT BEATS EVERYTHING! [For Humor Only :)]
About Bestest game evur! ITS DBZ!!
Dragon Lance Online
Take the role of a wizard or knight,and explore the lands!
About Dragon Lance Online
Quest for Glory: Gargantos' Rivival
A simple text RPG, thrown together by Rcet in his spare time.
About Quest for Glory: Gargantos' Rivival
Survive on a desert island.
About Shipwrecked
Star Wars: Jedi Arena
Grab your lightsaber, and fight to the death with The Force as your ally!
About Star Wars: Jedi Arena
The Pokémon Project
A recreation of the gameboy games on the BYOND platform.
About The Pokémon Project
Xtreme Snowboarding
Pick your board, and start boarding!
About Xtreme Snowboarding
Rcet's Demos
Aging Demo
A demo on how to make your characters age!
About Aging Demo
icon displacement can allow for effective Multi-Tiled Mobs
About DisplacementDemo
An example on how to do directional flicks. Requested by BurningIce
About FlickDemo
A snippet to show you how to handle gold. Requested by Carsol Xtreme.
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Shows you how to display health bars on your screen. Requested by RaeKwon
About HealthBar
A snippet showing you how to make pictures appear beside your text. Requested by Branks.
About PictureSay
A simple demo to teach you how to safe information.
About SavingDemo
Rcet's Libraries
Create a chat within the Dream Seeker Browser!
About BrowserChat
Easy Movement
Use this lib to control movement.
About Easy Movement
Level Demo
A simple leveling system.
About Level Demo
A simple menu lib, to create on-map menus!
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Multi Tiled Mobs Lib
Create multi tiled mobs with a line of code!
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