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Naruto Jutsu Mainia
Get Ready 4 The best game on byond, game still needs a lil help so if u want 2 b a gm for helping me email me at [email protected] duecesz
About Naruto Jutsu Mainia
N`a'r`u't`o': L`i'f`e~ o'r~ D`e'a`t`h
Welcome to Naruto:Life or Death, this game is in the makin and will be better than expected, with kyuubi curse mark and more so come play my game and plz rank, thank u!
Naruto Shippuden::: The New Generation
A game that will blow you away, fast training, Sweet Clans, and first 2 get req gets kage of there village, come on!
this bleach game is not ready yet but will b soon its really good so come play
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