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Bleach: World-Wide Adventures


Reach 100 wounds directly when being hit

Earned on Feb 6 2015, 1:46 am


Heroes United

Been There, Done That

Login to the Game

Earned on Feb 15 2014, 9:58 pm

BYOND Member

Have an active BYOND Membership

Earned on Feb 15 2014, 9:58 pm


Heroes United 2


Login to the Game

Earned on Dec 10 2011, 5:12 pm

BYOND Member

Have an Active BYOND Membership

Earned on Feb 15 2014, 9:02 pm


Pokémon Online World

Rich Boy/Lady

Have at least 10,000 money.

Earned on May 31 2011, 8:41 pm

Hive Badge

Badge obtained for defeating the Bug-type Gym Leader, Aaron!

Earned on May 31 2011, 8:44 pm


Earned on Jul 17 2018, 2:44 am

Final Fight

Sound Ninja

You have started out as a Sound Ninja.

Earned on May 28 2011, 3:22 am

Rain Ninja

You have started out as a Rain Ninja.

Earned on Feb 15 2013, 12:50 am

Rock Ninja

You have started out as a Rock Ninja.

Earned on Feb 8 2014, 10:43 pm

This Guy Is Tough!

Survive a Desert Burial!

Earned on Jan 2 2015, 9:48 pm

Leaf Ninja

You have started out as a Leaf Ninja.

Earned on Jul 10 2017, 7:03 am


Pokemon Challenger

Beta Tester

A genuine beta tester!

Earned on Jul 19 2009, 10:43 pm

Adventurer Lite

Seen 75 species of Pokemon

Earned on Jul 20 2009, 3:35 am