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Rifthaven's Games
RPD 3.0
RPD 3.0 - Coming Soon!
About RPD 3.0
Squirrel Hunting
Enjoy the fun sensation of the shooting squirrels while they try to run past you!
About Squirrel Hunting
Rifthaven's Demos
A.I. Code
Learn how to create an A.I. system for mobs. Have enemies who attack on sight and those who attack when you attack them! Uses little CPU usuage since they only move when they are in your screen! Comes with Attacking system aswell.
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Attack System
Learn how to make an attacking code that doesnt use var/mob/M in oview(1). This code you face the enemy to hit them, and it protects from people using marcos to make super fast attacks.
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Gold~N~Items Bank Code
Learn how to make a bank that stores both gold and items!
About Gold~N~Items Bank Code
House Demo
Learn how to create houses, saves the furniture aswell.
About House Demo
Instantaneous Shooting
A shooting demo where the bullets instantly hit their mark (or instantly miss).
About Instantaneous Shooting
Pet Demo
A demo to help people learn how to create pets that follow them around, attack, and be healed.
About Pet Demo
Create maps for the game RPD
About RPDMapMaker
Shooting Demo
A demo that explains a system which you can fire a gun!
About Shooting Demo
Shop Demo
Learn how to create a shop with buy and sell verbs!!!
About Shop Demo
Title Screen Demo
Learn how to set up your own title screen!
About Title Screen Demo
Trailing Code
Learn how to make objects trail behind you!
About Trailing Code