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May 9 2018, 5:56 pm
Hey lobject, this is the first time I've logged in in like 10 years I think, so I just saw this message from you a couple years ago. Anywho, if you need help with anything I have out there let me know! Glad that my xbox 360 controller library still works.
Aug 11 2016, 8:11 pm
Well, nevermind. I found out the issue after posting. The controller loop is set to update every 1 frame, so it's not fast enough. Setting it to loop with a 0.1 frame delay, it worked perfectly.
Aug 11 2016, 8:10 pm
Hey, I have a weird glitch when using R_Controller. I've parsed the Left Stick Y-Axis and converted to a numerical percentage. When the percentage is above 25 (25% deadzone when testing), it calls client.North(). However, calling client.North() with a gamepad is slower than calling client.North() via button on the keyboard. It seems like it's actually not updating quick enough as it stutters. Why is this?

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A psuedo 3D world akin to a Mud in the sense that it uses rooms, currently in development
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A traditional style arcade game where the object is to smash bricks
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Dream Worlds
Still being built
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This game may be up for re-development in the near future.
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Don't bother downloading just yet, it's a work in progress which is for private testing only ATM.
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Test your Reaction! 9 playable levels. Simple game. Help 10 of a color reach the left side of the screen. To do this you may click like crazy, or use a strategy.
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Stone Tomahawks And Silver Spurs--A great shoot em up Western!
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A MUD featureing Pirates! What more could you want?
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This is the Lite version of the SevenSeas Pirate MUD, it has no graphics or weather and runs faster.
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American Time Demo
Ever tired of managing time, or just looking at it the European (rest of the world) way? Say no more! I've got a solution.
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An Auto Coder to maker your life a little easier.
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You could use the technique demonstrated for a tiny paint program, or (in theory) a 3D game as limited as tank busters.
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Vacation Planner
This tiny program will do most of the math involved in planning a vacation for you! Just answer a few questions!
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Place chat in javascript pop up windows and free up text output.
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Use XBOX 360 controllers in your game.
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Sound Tags
An elegant solution to sound managment.
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Allows you to extract comments from your code and store them in an html file for release on the web.
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