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Byonds gangsta


Dec 12 2022, 8:36 pm
Good evening, I saw that you created a game in Byond and managed to export it to Steam, could you tell me what is needed to do this?

I'm developing a game too, I'd like you to submit it there, too.
Feb 21 2021, 12:50 pm
Haha, didnt even know you can by here Dino, a day after my birthday too. And yea same me,

same Byond's gangsta
Feb 19 2021, 3:16 pm
sheesh yall have been talking here for like 11 years now that's wild. dino, u thinking of checking out rod's game? if u want, this is the discord server so drop by anytime.
Feb 18 2021, 5:30 am
I love how your profile hasn't changed at all (even your profile picture) in like 10 years lmao.
Feb 18 2021, 5:29 am
The only website I'm ever active on anymore is MyAnimeList. Too busy for anything else anymore. I miss the Byond days though, hope Byond Gangsta's doing good.

Catch me on MAL: Doflamingo45

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Castle of Castion
so awsome it cant fit in this box
Re: About Castle of Castion
This is War. No kids allowed.
Re: Shield Mech Suit!
Power Rangers
You laugh now, But get on............ and be Wowed :P
Re: About Power Rangers