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Problem Description:I wanted to join a game, but on the options and messages window that pops up it said :Dream Seeker is too far out of date. (Get the latest and greatest at

So I went to download the latest at the Byond Download page, I downloaded the 4.0, but when I joined the game the same error message came up once more. Then I saw at the bottom that Byond 5.0 Beta was out, so I tried to download it. BUT, instead of downloading, it redirected me to this youtube link :

Once there, there is this music video (I think the song is pretty good by the way ;D), and.....that's it!

No matter how many times I click the link, I still get sent to that same YouTube music video.

What's the deal? How can I download Byond 5.0?

Here are the links in the order that I clicked them.

then in the split second before redirecting
and finally
Hehe.. This is terrible funny sorry. But the problem is that think someone put a redirection on the page. And the error, maybe that means the host is hosting the game on a later version of Byond? I'm not very sure, But that redirection to Rick Roll, Is not very professional.. I don't know what BYOND was thinking when they did that.. they must have been in a Dancing mood..

BUT you could just say, Hey it april fools day, So it might have been a joke, LMAO.
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April's Fools...

You got rickrolled.
About the new version... Check out the forum, I think.
I'm sorry, Roshiron, the whole 5.0b thing was a April Fools joke. The real next version of BYOND is 414. To get it, see Tom's post about it. The download page will be updated when 415 comes out. 414 is being treated like a beta because it has several problems that have been polished off in 415. I've poked Tom about getting 415 on the download page once, I might do it again.
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Hehehe, that was funny. Thanks for responding guys/gals!

I find it comforting that the official Byond staff would make an April Fools joke like that. Makes them seem more human and less like corporate untouchables. :D
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I'm glad they actually did that.
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those that are aware of friendly April fools jokes usually are happy about it. Is it me or is April fools celebrated as much on the internet as Christmas is IRL in America?

Unfortunately a lot of websites seem to halt their productions that ONE day of the year (April 1st) just for the hell of it, and to pull a prank. Even nicer to see nothing negative like that is even noticed here at BYOND. 5.0...heh, love it!
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Personally, I liked the follow up bug report about it: