list/Achievements = list("First Blood" = 0,\
"Ten Shot Revolver" = 0,\
"One Hundred Bodys" = 0,\
"Zombie Slayer" = 0,\
"Fire in the hole" = 0,\
"Signed up" = 0,\
"Victory" = 0,\
"You Lose" = 0,\
"Level Up" = 0,\
"Level Ten" = 0,\
"Level One Hundred" = 0,\
"Out with the old" = 0,\
"In with the new" = 0,\
"Reload..." = 0,\
"F..F..F" = 0,\
"Medic!" = 0,\
"Sentry goin' up!" = 0,\
"Lazy Commander" = 0,\
"Burn Baby Burn" = 0,\
"Well Travelled" = 0)
for(var/i = 20, i>0, i--)
var/ach_done = 0
if((src.Achievements[i]) == 1)continue

Problem description:

I'm getting a runtime error stating bad index on if((src.Achievements[i]) == 1)continue. Mind shedding some light? I've tried searching 'Bad Index' but haven't gotten any useful topics.
The list is probably null at the time.

Also: src.Achievements[i] is going to give you a text string, not a number, so comparing it to 1 is silly.
In response to Garthor (#1)
I changed the line to if(src.Achievements[i] == 1)continue, which should remove the bad index error. It's now giving me a cannot read list error. =(
In response to Rushnut (#2)
Check to see which iteration (what the value of i is) it fails on. Also, as Garthor said, Achievments[i] is not a number.

Achievements[i] = "First Blood"
Achievements["First Blood"] = 0

But since Achievements[i] = "First Blood"...
Achievements[Achievements[i]] = 0

Which is kind of like
theAchievement = Achievements[i] // now equals "First Blood"
Achievements[theAchievements] // this is now equivalent to Achievements[Achievements[i]]
In response to Loduwijk (#3)

runtime error: cannot read from list
proc name: check ach (/mob/player/client/proc/check_ach)
source file:,57
usr: Rushnut (/mob/player/client)
src: Rushnut (/mob/player/client)
call stack:
Rushnut (/mob/player/client): check ach()
Rushnut (/mob/player/client): Stat()

Which is (Recently updated to be)
if((src.Achievements[src.Achievements[i]]) == 1)continue
In response to Rushnut (#4)
That is because you STILL haven't fixed the fact that the list is null. Or, alternatively, some sort of non-list.
In response to Garthor (#5)
How/why is the list null? O.o
var/list/l = list("Cake" = 8, "Pie" = 2,"Milk" = 10)//since Cake is better than pie >:{
world<<"[l[i]] = [l[l[i]]]"

I believe 0 counts as 1 so 20 = 19 best to use l.len
In response to Leur (#7)
I think my programming is a little faulty, I have near enough that and it's not working.

Revised check_ach() proc
for(var/i = src.Achievement.len, i>0, i--)
var/ach_done = 0
if((src.Achievement[src.Achievement[i]]) == 1)continue

Getting Cannot read list error.
In response to Rushnut (#6)
You haven't confirmed whether it's null or something else yet. My bet is that you used initial() to reset the list, which doesn't work right with compile-time lists.

Lummox JR
In response to Lummox JR (#9)
You put me onto the right track Lummox, thanks. My save was still using the old format for the list. :)
Although nothing to do with your problem, for aesthetics, you don't need to use slashes when doing lists that way. You'll find:
var/list/a = list(
"myval" = 1,
"myval2" = 2,
"myval3" = 3,
"myval4" = 4

Will work just as well without the slashes.