Joined: Aug 16 2007


Sep 23 2017, 9:16 am
Yo Syn, lets bring back HaH
Pricy fresh
Apr 27 2009, 5:22 am
hey Syn i need u to log in now i need a wand :p Pricey Fresh

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Medals SHSPlyr03 can earn in his favorite games

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Hogwarts: A History

Pixie Slayer

Slaughter 2000 Pixies

Expecto Patronum Expert

Destroy 1000 dementors using Expecto Patronum
High Roller

Bank 5000 galleons

Clock in a total of one week online.


Win 200 duels.

Hogwarts: A History

Pixie Slayer

Kill 2000 pixies

Expecto Patronum Expert

Ward off 1000 dementors with Expecto Patronum

Card Collector

Collect all the Wizarding Cards in the game


Win 200 duels

Bleach Resolve

Bronze Tournament

Winning 10 tournments

Silver Tournament

Winning 15 tournments

Gold Tournament

Winning 30 tournments

Silver Mission

Completing 10 missions

Gold Mission

Completing 20 missions