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Per hour was an example. It would depend on how often the stocks are updated.
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Instead of the stap panel category (which I will use in the beginning) I want to make one of those black strips like on TV, where you see the stocks being traded. Also I was thinking to make each category of games a different name. For ex: Nasdaq == Byond.RPG then DowJones == Byond.Raw. But these are just ideas.
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Good ideas. The BYONDscape Marquee libary is perfect for what your looking for. Maybe have that running arcross the screen, then you can pull up the name, price, and a profile in the browser for any stock by typing its name into the command line.
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Thanks ^_^, anyways I would use that library if I had 2 dimes >=( I'm not subscribed to BYONDScape. I'll figure it out somehow.
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Whoa, whoa, you're talking about making a simulated stock market that is using real money, DarkView?

I'd have to give that an "ixnay" right now -- dealing in real money in a random format like this could be seen as a form of gambling; at the very least, doing something like that would require quite a few legal (read: expensive) permits.
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No no no. I didnt mean a quick real dollar, I meant a quick in-game dollar.
If that was the case the game would just be called GDVD, the "Give DarkView a Dollar" game.
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There also should be (depending on the game) various jumps in the stock price from say including a very unique update. This way you never know what it will become.

As an answer to someone's question as to how the stock market forms. I believe that they first have to go through alot of paperwork (with corporate lawyers) and then make an initial public offering (IPO).
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Heh, put mad cows all over your game. They could causes stock prices to fall :)
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The fall and rise of stocks shouldn't be TOTALLY random. It should be controlled by players buying and selling shares mainly. Part of the price should be random, the part that depends on the company's earnings, but not all. If you still want some extra randomness... make some npc players :)
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NPC players is definitely the way to go. Several thousand of them, ideally. =) Of course, that doesn't mean you have several thousand AI routines running at once; you could implement a kind of collective AI; if there's a 80% chance they'll buy and a 20% chance they'll sell, then 80% buy and 20% sell.

There are external factors that will influence a stock market; wars and elections and such make people feel less safe or more safe and adjust their buying/selling pattern accordingly. So there has to be some randomness, unless you're planning to implement an entire virtual world. =)
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