In response to Crispy (#19)
Crispy wrote:
"Keep your eyes peeled". Why on Earth would you peel eyes? Especially your OWN eyes? Shudder. That might hurt a little.

Ouch, I never actually thought about that saying until you brought it up. Painful just thinking about it.
In response to Crispy (#19)
I think the phrase about keeping your eyes peeled has to do with your eyelids, not the eye itself. Keep the eyelids peeled back is basically what it is saying if I am correct, telling the person to be alert.
In response to Loduwijk (#21)
I know what it's supposed to mean. I just don't like the mental images it conjures up.
In response to Crispy (#19)
Oh THANKS, Crispy. Now you've got me thinking of cheese grators and other kitchen implements again.

Keep up the good work.
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