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Intermediate level coder, getting better by the day.

SSJ4_Gohan_Majin's Games
DBGT:Return of the Villans
New and 100% original DragonBall game! Not yet completed, but release soon.
SSJ4_Gohan_Majin's Demos
Bank System
Includes everything needed for a built-in bank for your game. Also Saves deposited money!
Re: About Bank System
Battle/Combat System
Includes Leveling, attacking, NPC Attack, and much more!
Re: About Battle/Combat System
Character Saving/Loading
A demo that includes saving, loading, choosing classes, and more!
About Character Saving/Loading
Class Choice
Quick, yet very simple demo on how to create your own class!
About Class Choice
Click & Move
A simple demo on how to Click & Move. Pretty Basic.
About Click & Move
About a characters name. Certain amount of length, block un-wanted names, and no spam names!
About Names
Title Screen Demo
This is my small demo on how to create a Title Screen in your game. Updated! Much neater!
About Title Screen Demo
SSJ4_Gohan_Majin's Libraries
Admin Control
An awesome code, redid the whole entire system. Free, includes everything you need. Saves Admins, Banned list, and even add more then one Master Admins!
About Admin Control
Host Handling
This is a Host Handling Demo. Host gets special verbs, and you can check who's host, too! And FREE!
About Host Handling