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A sience experiment gone wrong....Long after the Z Warriors retired and were old and powerless, the earth was yet again in danger! Scientests had discovered the way of DNA cloning. So in fear that the earth might be distroyed they planed a project called Mist.... the project was to make a Warrior strong enough to protect the world, But this project was something that was never done before in world history.They planed to get all the Z Warriors DNA samples to Genaricully DNA Supreme Comblize the samples.With the world in danger they had little time, so they emidiatly began to work.With in 2 days they were ready to begin DNA Combolizing Cloning.The cloning had started but as the cloning began to take place the floor and everthing around them began to shake. After 3 minuates, it became silent, the cloning project was done...they opened the cloning machines door and before them stood a shadow, and the scientist began wondering did the project go wrong. Untill the shadowy figure said who are you? Were am I? Who am I? With great joy they all jumped up and down, they thought all there problems were solved. So this new shadowy figure was given the name Mist and was told all about its being, and who it was made from. Mist had some knowledge of how it was born and why it knew how to fight. So the scientist had told Mist about the world being in danger and that it was made to help. So Mist did help, but after it had distroyed the enemy, it had turned against the scientist and became evil it self. The scientist had another problem on there hands...Mist, so they set out on creating another Warrior but this time only with good warriors DNA. This project was named Tigon.....To Be Continued

DBZGTAF, Weird but HOT ASS HELL-o!!!! XD
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