Early this morning (my time, Australia Eastern Standard) I received a page on my pager from a specific key saying that if I didn't help him with a code, he would spread all the icons from our game to everyone on BYOND.

Now, I know there's been an issue lately with people stealing icons and BYOND Staff not doing anything about it (I actually can understand that, but that's not why I am here.) but actually blackmailing someone?

I'm not too down with the law, but I believe it is illegal to blackmail in ANY way, shape or form.

As you can (hopefully) tell, i'm not here complaining about having my icons ripped/stolen/poached whatever, although I am peeved about that, that is not why I am here.

I am here because the [person] blackmailed me, which I believe to be [wrong].

This HAS to be against some sort of rule.

Please refrain from swearing. These issues can be discussed in a civil way.
Once again, (for the thousandth time) the BYOND Staff does not get involved in these kind of situations.

Even if he does leak your icons, your game will still be your game. Even if people try to make rip-offs, your will still (probably) be on top.
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And i've already stated i'm not here complaining about the leaking of icons, i'm here saying I'VE BEEN BLACKMAILED by another user, and how the hell is that not breaking a rule?
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G'day Sabbath.

By releasing your game to the public, the icons become easily available to any malicious user carrying an RSC Extractor.

If someone threatens to spread your icons around, there is nothing you can do about it. The best (and only) course of action you can take is pager banning the user so they can't contact you and going on with your plans.

Thanks Much.
Please stay calm, as there are children visiting these forums, we best set up a good example and don't swear.

As for the problem at hand, it might be tricky to actually prove the blackmailing.
What I do not understand is, why would someone have to blackmail in order to get help with code?
BYOND has a developer forum, featuring Code Problems, Developer how-to and Classified Ads, which should grant everyone to find the help that she needs.
Greetings Sabbath.

Blackmail is illegal(at least in most cases), but it's not the BYOND Staff's job to handle this issue, it is yours. If you feel you have been wronged, get a lawyer and pursue a legal case against the offending user.

The reason BYOND can't do anything about it is because it's your word versus his. The BYOND Staff has absolutely no way to tell who is telling the truth.

As others have mentioned, I recommend pager banning the fellow, and ignoring him to the best of your ability. He is likely nothing more than a troll trying to bully people into doing work for him, but he probably doesn't care enough to actually bother releasing the icons. Don't let yourself get stuck in all the drama.

Thanks Much.