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Scizzees' Games
The World R:1
A new dothack game based on the series dothack//SIGN
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Scizzees' Demos
Automatic Tournament
An automatic AI tournament system for RPG games.
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Bank Demo
A code snippet of a Banking system with withdrawals and Deposits.
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Saving, loading and deleting, my way!
About CharacterHandling
This demo will show you how to use the built in Click() and DblClick() procs.
About Clicking
Player Lookup
A good verb to see all of a mob's info whilst its in your game.
About Player Lookup
This is a demo on how to use the popup_menu setting for a verb with arguments to stop popup windows.
About Popup_Menu
Targeting System
A targetting system for any type of game.
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Water Walk
A demo that uses enter and entered procs to form a water walking system.
About Water Walk
A simple calculator that can do various things, check the hub for info.
About Calculator
Combat System
A fully commented battle/combat system for RPG games.
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Arena System
A Simple Arena demo that you can get working within minutes and have your very own Arena!
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Scizzees' Libraries
This utility will tell you how many people are playing a game without you logging onto it or doing any checking. All you need is the games IP and port.
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