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Not until there's some way of filtering certain blogs in the members section.
Pah. I want one. If I had a dollar for every BYOND Membership contest I lost, I'd have 4 dollars. Wooh. *fails some more in hope of getting $15 to buy one himself.* :D

You probably don't know me, so I doubt you'd have any respect for me until you did get to know me. I've been on BYOND a good bit. The only way I help it though, is making games and hosting them for 10 minutes, and then throwing them in a pile of unfinished games to sit and rot. :D But if I had this membership, you see, I'd be able to access the BYONDScape files/articles to expand my knowledge of DM and maybe even become a servant of Dan (And free him from that bag in Nadrews basement)!!!!! WOOO!

Hmph, well, as for the "respected member of BYOND" piece, I have no idea if I am "respected." :P I've been BYOND Banned once, if that counts. >.> But if I don't get it, I nominate Developous since he seems popular among a few people who've posted here. :D

and I must have at least a little respect for you.

Oh I guess SecondLife kind of ruined that for me, eh? XD

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I think I'll nominate Developous, since I'd have no chance of winning looking back at my past posts. ( Other keys )
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You got it man, although your accomplishments on byond are not that large, you are normally respectful and kind. Also, I know you pretty well, so you got it. I knew there was somebody who I knew that didn't have one. Now, before someone goes off the handle about how they, or someone they know diserves it more, I will quote myself: "There will be no drawing or anything like that, it is all subject to my opinion."(Strong tags added for highlighting of keywords.)
If I happen to have another spare $15USD around, I will do this again.

Have fun,
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Scoobert - I really appreciate this. The first thing I'm going to do is clear off my currently disgusting blog page and post something useful!

Cheers, hope to talk more with you sometime; I haven't been active on SL for quite a while now.

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