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Vito Stolidus wrote:
I'm not talking about a M.A.D. Situation. Want an example that would be what my scenario is based on? Here goes...

The CIA discovers an Al-queda training camp and base-of-operations on a small south-pacific island. There are over five thousand Al queda members on the island, including top members, decision makers, and reportedly, Osama Bin Laden. The island is well-defended from the air, surrounded by waters not navigable by anything larger than a rubber raft, and what's more, they're working on a nuclear weapon's program and a program to develop biological weapons. The CIA has also found out that most of the facilities can be moved onto planes and into the air with only two hour's warning. The President orders the island nuked...

Get it? The enemy would be one that could not nuke back (Al queda) and invasion by air and sea ruled out... also, it would be a pressing danger. Something like that.


Except, I highly doubt terrorists have the resources, or intelligence to pull off that type of program in secrecy. That, and nothing's inpenetrable - we'd just use high altitude buster bombs to break them down before we initiated a nuclear strike.
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