In this Bush economy, you dont think its hard to get $15.oo?
No, I don't. And incase you haven't noticed, the US economy is going up now, not down. It went down right after Mr. Clinton went out of office, that was because of the he made the economy shoot up. The laws of physics apply to the economy, at least the most popular one:

What goes up, MUST come down.

This, more than anything, is what made the economy crash. Not Mr. Scapegoat...I mean Mr.Bush. I really get tired of everyone blaming bush for problems that arn't caused by him.

Sorry, that was off topic, just a little petpev of mine.
.> that was supposed to be a joke...
But with an underlieing of what you considered truth. I guess I went off on a tanget a little fast there, things like that just irk me. I hear it all day long at work and can't say a thing because I work retail, and "The customer is always right" even when they are damn wrong.
Atlast! A person who doesn't blame Bush for 9/11, HUZZAR!

Right, on topic now. You people seem to forget one function of the pager, the ability to see who's online and join them. AIM can let you talk to people, true. This new find game system is a little bit of a pain due to it's lack of user friendliness. I seriously think he can limit the pager a bit.
I am telling you, get XFire, go on thier forums, start a petition for byond support. Get enough people and it will soon come.[KEY_NAME]

[KEY_NAME] = Key name. There you can find if your friend is online AND where they are at. It was always a better source than the pager. Since the pager was never updated.
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