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Hey, all. My name is Cody. I enjoy lots of things, including manga and anime. It seems to me that's the only reason to join Byond anyway. I'm an adamant player of Bleach: Breed of Destruction and Naruto: Birth of the Legendary Shinobi. My player names are Seijaku and Shichiro respectfully. If you see me, drop me a line. I write short stories and poetry, and I'm a deep individual. That said, I'm a complete asshole. I have a softer side, which I generally save for closer friends, but that doesn't mean I'm not fun. I may be an asshole, but I'm also a riot to be around. If you like Bleach, Naruto, or anything manga/anime, pop in AIM and send me a message. (AIM: Ichiruki Ai) If you're looking for an online relationship, been there done that, and I wouldn't recommend it. I like to role play, and I enjoy the internet thoroughly. You'll find I'm an intellectual and very aware of it. I won't be on all the time, thanks to my lovely and incredible girlfriend, Rachel, but when I am on, I'll be on for hours. Well, keep on living, loving, and gaming! Peace out!

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MMORPG based on Bleach. Updated often. Come play!
200+ Jutsu that you can combine to make your own jutsuís. Sub clan system to get 1/2 of another clanís jutsu. Tons of ...
by Element88 | Feb 23 2007
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