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Jan 12 2014, 1:40 pm
Continue to work on the game. Having some problems over on my side but Ill be back soon to finish it up.
Jun 4 2012, 9:42 am

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Serviasnape's Favorite Games

by SyncWolf | Sep 5 2008
Tags: fangame
A role playing fangame based on the popular tv-show Charmed.
by Bovine_Buddy | Mar 28 2006
A roleplaying game with a fantasy medieval setting. Version 4.04 - 1/4/2015
my new game
welcome to harry potter's world
by Dazzer | May 9 2013
Tags: fangame
So, which side will you choose?
by SevenSinsGaming | Jul 20 2010
Tags: fangame
Universe of Comics is a roleplaying game based on DC and Marvel Comics.