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May 26 2013, 3:44 am
SgtGrim still think kyu isnt abuseive He just banned me for beating him in the tourny when i deflected his ki blast and it took 50% of his hp away well im gonna cool down try the game later if im still banned he's being reported let him know before it happens like last ime im giving him a chance to unban me before I report
Sep 26 2012, 5:11 am
Naruto Evolution is down and you still want to play. Why dont you try this NarutoNewEvolution it has over 50 new updates!!!!!!
Sep 16 2012, 3:56 pm
Hey unbanned me now we settled it now

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SgtGrim's Favorite Games

Coming this soon.
New Game Mode: Battle Arena, and Free to play steam period!
An action rpg; with spells, potions, weapons, armor, hirelings, quest galore and a huge map to explore.
by Wanabe | Jul 9 2006
Chaotic zombie shooting action game.
by Axerob | Jan 16 2012
Coming Soon
Beta Release date: TBA
Fantasy action adventure with boundless possibilities! Each server can be a unique customized world.
Fantasy roleplaying.
by Dagolar | Dec 17 2002
Final Fantasy in a new world with many characters and lots of variety. By The Brotherhood. Come check it out today.
by Super goku 1000 | Jun 18 2003
Final Fantasy:UO (UO stands for unlimited online) soon to be one of the best Final fantsy games................
[PvP & RP Servers] Explore this expansive recreation of the Ninja World. Endless timeline, immense environment with vast ...
Do you have what it takes to achieve the Final Resurrection?
by KensheX | Jul 24 2017
Tags: anime, pvp, roleplay
Engage in a world full of roleplay. Create and customize your own character!
by Hazman | Apr 27 2008
Tags: action
Fast paced multiplayer shooting
by Gen40 | Feb 1 2009
Tags: action
Remake. It will be a PvP assault game.
by Falacy | Jul 3 2011
by Falacy | May 15 2010
Tags: icons
Icons for BYOND to share! Uploaded by the BYOND community.
by Falacy | Oct 16 2011
MKO offers a Pokemon inspired adventure, set in a traditional fantasy world.
by Crazah | Aug 4 2010
Tags: anime
A new upcoming original Naruto game.
by Garruea | Aug 25 2007
Tags: anime
A PvP/PvE/RP Naruto game - Play it as you wish, we are working on updates!
by Masterralphy55 | Jun 28 2012
A true leader puts his team before himself..
by Idoshen | Oct 29 2011
Naruto Evolution is back!
by Yash 69 | Mar 4 2008
You are a ninja aspiring to be the best of the best. Well what are you waiting for? Fight enemys and friends to achieve ...
by Silk Games | Apr 16 2009
A unique MORPG inspired by the gameplay of classic console RPGs
by SasukeHawk | Jul 22 2013
Begin your very own ninja adventure in this fast-pased Shinobi game based on Naruto bleach ...
by Silk Games | Oct 4 2008
Tags: action, battle
Class-based action mayhem -- battle for the future!
by TwoTon | Mar 30 2010
Relentles with One "s" is a Action Packed Bare Knuckle Gore feast RP/RPG That Bows down 2 none and only the Strong ...
Retired Page for Dragonball Ruination
Rise of Heroes Ultimate, private server from orginal roh. Battle hordes of monsters through caves, forests, and dungeons ...
Pirates! Marines, Bounty hunters?! Join the super powered adventure!
by Jittai | Sep 1 2011
Classic dungeon-crawling!
by Kidpaddle45 | Mar 12 2010
Tags: action, anime, ninja, pvp, rpg
The game you've been waiting for ...
by Heyya46 | Jul 8 2011
Make your actions count in a realtime crime-based MORPG with elements of GTA

SgtGrim's Favorite Resources

by Lendgens | Nov 13 2006
Tags: admin
A Good Admin system for beginners and intermediate coders. Very clean and useful.
by Tails5 | Nov 1 2006
Tags: admin
This is an admin system for your games
by Evi of au | Feb 18 2007
Tags: characters
Save and load multiple characters with this effective approach to character handling.
by Deadron | Jun 1 2001
Creating, saving, and loading player characters.
by Aries | Jun 5 2009
Tags: admin
A demonstration on how to use client.computer_id to completely ban a computer from your game.
by Deadron | Jan 1 2002
Tags: debugging
Debug your games by looking inside objects or savefiles at runtime.
by Darker Legends | Dec 3 2010
Tags: text
Add motds to your games today!
by Forum_account | Jun 27 2010
Tags: ai
A sequence of examples that start with simple enemy AI and introduce new features one at a time.
by Polatrite | Jun 3 2009
Tags: effects
Ever needed to do spell effects or explosions in a certain shape? Use this library to create as many effects in any ...
This will show you how to center your splash screen.
by Johan411 | Aug 21 2011
Tags: icons, utility
Take your pre-existing icons and change there color by using this simple program!
by Chillo | Apr 11 2009
Tags: interface
itll show u how to put an icon into the stat panel and theres even a bit of detail into object pixels
by Falacy | Aug 17 2012
Tags: icons, utility
Easily import sprite sheets into BYOND .dmi icon files
by Forum_account | Aug 17 2010
Tags: interface
Provides a better way to interact with interface controls than the built-in winset/winget procs.
by DarkCampainger | Aug 23 2010
Tags: maps
Place a Mini-map on your players' screens with just a few lines of code
by Yamikaiba1236 | Nov 13 2006
Tags: admin
This contains basic Admin verbs and some other Admin verbs.
by Mikau | Feb 18 2008
Tags: chat, screen-text
Learn how to chat over the map, like popular MMORPGs
by Yash 69 | Nov 22 2008
Tags: admin
Stops people from multikeying the right way
by Forum_account | Jan 27 2012
Tags: overlays
An easy way to manage and manipulate overlays.
by DivineTraveller | Sep 6 2008
Tags: party
Yet another party system
Or armor.
by Yash 69 | Aug 26 2008
Tags: debugging
A sophisticated way to handle bug reports and filing forms and reports
by The Unknown Ninja From Hell | Feb 26 2007
Tags: files
A "Send File" Verb For Everyone To Add In Their Game
by Tubutas | Mar 7 2008
Tags: economy
A better looking shop keeping style
Learn how to make HUDs from the team who made them popular on BYOND!
Quickly import sprite sheets into full movie icon_states using a simple markup
Quickly add overlay stat bars for health, mana, experience--anything!
by Scarymonkeys623 | Dec 7 2007
Tags: target
The most modern targeting system demo you can find on byond
by AJX | May 20 2009
Tags: effects
Example of how to make trees go invisible when you walk behind them (and a few extra features...)
by Forum_account | Feb 11 2012
Tags: maps
An easy way to create tiles that warp mobs to another location.

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