he hasn't hosted today.
I know and im going to miss it when he does, or doesnt. 2 weeks i have been deprived x.x
Release it when it's done. Just be sure to beat BYOND 4.0 out (however many years that is :P), or that'd be kind of sad. :)
take your time. Release it when its ready.
I agree with the sentiments here: first, you have a perfectly acceptable reason for delay (indeed, the fact you didn't just abandon the project is admirable!) and, second, it is better to release your game than an unfinished project that resembles your game.
Thanks for all the encouraging feedback. :) Mom's doing well, and strong enough that we enjoyed the entire day together at the mall with the family.

Sorry about not hosting today or last week. It should be back to normal next weekend.
Oy.. In that case, ignore my nagging to host. Family>DD
Any news? =O
Anyone other then me wondering where it is?
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