It feels neat to be back. I've been absorbed by the facebook world and my girlfriend and work. Now that I'm cutting back on 2 of the 3 mentioned, I have more time to focus on Little 'Ol BYOND lol.

Also, it's called Bleach Breeze, due to the fact that it's making use of the Breeze Sprites created by Green Raven. Since I decided to actually join up with the Breeze Revolution, rather than JUST use their sprites, I went ahead and created my own things in the STYLE of Breeze. My original plan was to submit this to them as something brand new.... but the main site disappeared :/. All they have is the promo site now... I think.
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Regarding the Lighting on the forehead, that's the default position. That spot will be removed once I get more in depth with the template for this specific game. Right now, I like making them look like they're in a workshop with light shining directly down on them.
I <3 it.
I found an icon you can use on your title screen.

^ give this boy a doughnut
Anyway, I'll be sure to bring more art this way. I will be getting rid of that GIANT spot in the middle of the face when the template leaves the workshop hahaha.

I'll also try and clean up that jagginess on there too.
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