It runs fine. But it's a complete and total pain in the ass. Reading those comments took me twice as long as it should have, simply because I had to check I wasn't missing any of the smaller ones. (Not to mention anyone on an iPhone is completely buggered...)

And the fact the background can be seen through the foreground! It's called a BACKground for a reason!
You live in Africa.?
Im from Nigeria...
Get your CSS changed boy! this is a bigger pain in the arse than a troll on Prozac.
A Matrix background?


Ghana here.. and yes. A matrix Css really >.>
I live next to some forestry...I've had epic battles with insects and arachnids many times. All of those battles ended in complete victory for me except for one where the bee got me before I could get it, my reaction to the attack was too slow.
I live in the middle of the woods by myself and I've learned to bond with the animals. I'm unmarried and edging over the hill, but that's OK because I have my furry companions both offline and online.
I live in the city, next to people i dont care enough about to know.
I live in Australia. Everything here can kill me with ease.
I live under your moms bed,I love the nights where I can lay there listening to her breathe.
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