If you send an email to silkgames@mac.com I'll reply and attach the midis all in a .zip file.
Thank you so much! I really wasn't looking forward to making all new characters! I really appreciate it!
i was also wondering if i could have a character transfer Silk. The server i am in is Zenithia and I was wondering if i could transfer to Sosaria.
No, its not a remake of the first one I posted, this is a completely new one. Its a remix of the last song you heard in the trailer. Check it out and tell me what you think!


Also, a really big thanks for SilkWizard and Silk Games for helping me out with the midis! ^_^ (I also posted this in the BYOND forums)
Love the game. I probabaly won't get past lvl 12, though :c
NEStalgia requires the latest build of BYOND (484.1093), found here: http://www.byond.com/download/
Cornelia has been merged into Zenithia. If the incorrect savefile loads or you have other issues with the merge, please report the problem here: http://silkgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=5880
What happened too norwood
I believe Norwood is now Algol (+Guardiana).

We're currently down to 3 servers so, you can try logging into any of them to see if you have a saved character.
Not a bad game, though oddly enough the lack of multiboxing allowance has given me a headache. There doesn't seem to be many low leveled people on when I am, and defeating the first boss solo as a cleric has proven to be impossible thusfar, you need at LEAST one other person, unless you grind for hours (or days?) to out level the content. Limited gameplay and mind numbing grinding for those who can't find groups. Other than that though, the game's really nice. :)
A forthcoming NEStalgia update will be adding AI controlled NPC companions to the game to alleviate the woes for solo players who can't find groups around their particular level.

More information and screenshots can be found in this blog post: http://www.byond.com/members/ SilkGames?command=view_post&post=113147

Look for the update later this summer :-)
Oh! That sounds neat, yay less headaches~
Does anyone know why i never got the Monster Bacher Medal?
I did reach lvl 10...
In fact, I'm 19 at posting this.
Havnt played this game in some time xD... is there anything new to the game?.. (im thinking bout comming back to it)
AngelicShadows wrote:
Havnt played this game in some time xD... is there anything new to the game?.. (im thinking bout comming back to it)

The version notes should list all the things that were added. :O!
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i love the game and i think you could put more class as in a paladin or sage
same here i have done alot of the medals but have not recieved them yet?
Why doesn't this game appear in my live games on the site?
Is it me, or is this game slowly getting a bit more 16-bit?

300th comment :D
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