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Aug 4 2017, 9:07 am
Hey you still around? I had legacy access? I guess cause I still had a character from awhile ago when I use to play. So I deleted him to make a new one and I cant get anything now. Help me out Thanks!
Apr 15 2014, 2:04 pm
Congratulation on the Greenlight.
Jun 2 2013, 1:15 pm
How much do you make monthly with NEStalgia :)
Cloud Magic
Jul 13 2012, 7:04 pm
I have a few questions as a fellow developer, working on a large project alone, that I'd like to ask you:

1) How long did NEStalgia take to first come to life? What I mean by that is, how many hours of programming do you think you did?

2) Why did you feel that using 16-bit graphics was a better choice when we now have the capability to use millions of colors?

3) If you had a large-scale feature to work on, which road do you think you'd more commonly take:

2 hour road - code is extremley messy but work-able
5 hour road - code is neat and organized, could be a bit better
7 hour road - code is amazing, but still lacks a bit more shine
9 hour road - code is perfected

and how often do you think you'd end up taking your preferred path?

4) If you could have done something different during the early stages of development, what would you have changed? What do you hope to learn from NEStalgia that will assist you in future project's early development?

5) What are some methods you use to keep yourself programming even if you'd rather be spending time playing video games or goofing off?
Jul 12 2012, 3:14 pm
I would coordinate a massive game project with you if you wish. Put you on my pager. Possibly the most original rpg we ever came across, but dont think for a moment that even the planning stage will be easy if you accept.

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Am I forced to use the "Gamepad Setup" window to actually map buttons on the gamepad so that they're recognized by the …
Choosing a "Hot Spot" to use as the tip of the mouse_pointer_icon doesn't work for icons larger than world.icon_size in 511.1354.
Changing the value of the client var mouse_pointer_icon causes a significant delay when it happens at the same time that screen objects are removed from client.screen.
The addition of tabs to the Dream Maker dramatically improved the user experience, and I think that the same would be …
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In 508.1290 the DS now captures the screenshot at the current icon scale set by the user. This would be fine, but the actual dimension of the screenshot don't change to accommodate the larger icon scale.
It would be great if maptext allowed us to specify a different base "icon_size" to calculate its resolution, or even if …
There are some fixes in 508 that I'm waiting for before I can start publicly testing NEStalgia with the web client. I'm …
Images placed on screen objects don't show up at all in the webclient. flick() also doesn't display anything when you flick() an icon_state on a screen object (as of 507.1284).
Screen objects don't disappear when removed from client.screen in the webclient. It seems like the screen needs to be "updated" again in some way for the change to take effect (as of 507.1284).
Setting a sound() to repeat doesn't work in the webclient. The sound just plays once, then never repeats (as of 507.1284).
If you place an image on a player's mob, that image is rendered in a very jerky way when moving (as of 507.1284).
Using startup() you cannot launch more than two servers per session; after that all startup() calls fail and return null.
NEStalgia has been Greenlit on Steam.
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31 ?post=812415 This post is really bizarre. What it should be is a succinct and informative …
Shutting down or rebooting a server can leave a "phantom" version of that server being reported in the live games list for minutes or hours after the server goes down.
What I'm looking for is a simple built-in function that checks whether or not the user has Capslock active.
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Right now images do not support the invisibility var (you can set it but it doesn't function). It would be awesome if …
I swear that I saw someone mention this already, but I can't find the feature request. Game Hub authors should be able …
Learn how to make HUDs from the team who made them popular on BYOND!
A unique MORPG inspired by the gameplay of classic console RPGs
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Class-based action mayhem -- battle for the future!
Anyone is welcome to join! Show your support for projects like Proelium and Acheron's Awakening... and be in on the …
An action MORPG set in a world on the brink of total ruin...