After clicking on your very original name and skimming your blog, I've diagnosed your problem Sauron. You're a moron.

The bad news is that it's probably genetic (or so conditioned into you that it might as well be). The good news is that you'll be able to make a lot of friends in the BYOND Anime community.

Dark Lord Sauron:
Anyways back to the point retro sucks, NEStalgia makes me puke

A body of work is sometimes best judged by taking a look at the types of people who hate it. The more that BYOND Anime kiddies puke, the happier I am ;)
Dark Lord Sauron wrote:
Retro was always crap.

Games had to start somewhere. It's not like game developers back in the 80s were going to be able to produce stuff that looked like WoW or Crysis. Retro games set the foundation for most if not all the games we play today.
"Retro was always crap"

Kids in the 2060s will be saying this about the games you love when we discover the 4th dimension and attain immortality, and then all the old games will be about silly things like romance, mystery, drama, being less than 4 dimensions, pressing buttons, and life mattering.

Granted, the NES console lacked the necessary tools to create games that contain a lot of story or gameplay elements that are common-place in games today, but that doesn't mean they're bad. It's kind of like comparing one genre to another, due to the fact that they contain very few of the same elements.

If you are speaking retroactively, as in recreating games and game themes and gameplay styles from past generation games is a bad idea, then that's a whole different can of worms. It's also a pretty grand generalization.

I don't think the majority of people here were looking to make a profit with the fan games, I think they were just trying to make a game.

But BYOND's becoming serious. This is more like going to the play ground and grabbing all the kids, stripping them of their toys and innocence, and forcing them to work or gtfo.

Fan games aren't bad.
This isn't serious business.
Keeth wrote:
Kids in the 2060s will be saying this about the games you love

The worlds ending in 2012 :P
Whats the problem with original game, you think you put more effort on your game? They do "better" icons and code it from scratch ONLY difference is they have storyline down. Stop hating on fan games, because your going to realize what a big mistake you made. Worry about your game, so far 2 strikes on "snitching" and bragging :|
Well what I'm trying to get at is most byond coders aren't trying to run a game production, there trying to make games. They put as much effort as you do.
You think people like playing random games that they have -no- idea what's going on?
If you liked a show/movie so much, like me, would you not try to make a different world whereas you can make your own character and be somebody in that world? If I like dragonball z, I want to see what it's like to be a saiyan.
The Fuck off this webiste, man.
Yeah Silk GET THE FUCK OFF THIS WEBSITE, MAN. Take your knowledge of DM and your potential to give BYOND some modicum of credibility in the eyes of the outside world, and shove them up your ass. You've offended the SAIYANENFORCER and that is unforgivable.

Also. Fucking sweet post necro, bro.
You are amazing. I am taking advantage of the necro to say this :c

Or, more accurate, the post is amazing.
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