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For everyone, not only members =(

I don't quite think BYOND has the bandwidth to support a bug/feature tracker for every single (see: 20,000+ anime rips) game on BYOND.

I agree. I'm willing to pay for this feature and more in the future. I still think the price is too low.
We will be rolling out a new system in the next few weeks; this should include some support for custom trackers.
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This hasn't been assigned a status as completed or anything even though as of september 26 was said a new system will be rolling out in a few weeks, did the status of this get overlooked, the rollout wasn't done, or was this just not included in that rollout?

I am just trying to check the status of this feature proposal.
Yes, it's just taking longer than expected. But per-hub bug-trackers (actually one bug tracker + one feature tracker) are working for this next update.
Good to know its set up to run fine when implemented.

Looking forward to it when it gets released so I can stop using third party software/websites.
Is there any ETA on this?
Working on it .. this part is done but we ended up making some extreme site changes (I hope there's not too much backlash) so we'll upload it in one fell swoop.
When do you this this big update will happen?
I have an additional suggestion for this: the tracker should have the ability to 'assign' issues to a given BYOND key.

There should be a special forum called "My issues" which lists all the issues that have been assigned to your key for a particular project.

The project I'm currently on has multiple people working on the game and I would like to be able to easily see which tasks have been assigned to a particular key & which tasks have been assigned to me.

Another suggestion is that the assigned key (whoever that is) may be allowed to change the status of the issue.
Nice to see this feature in now. I have to ask though, will/is there be a way of setting the status? Right now we can't move this away from "open". I'm guessing this might have been intentional for now while the update is still being checked for bugs.
Yes, that's a known bug.
Tom resolved issue
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