Gratz =)
Game informer! Dude, that's frickin huge.

Outstanding work! "Wtf? All da ripz nd anime iz gone nao gaemz r bein in gaem informr? BYOND iz crayz thinking dey cn do dis to mai favurat gaemz"

Congrats Silk Games, Tom and the entire BYOND community. This is a HUGE step forward in the right direction.
Airjoe wrote:
You may want to set up a donation button somewhere- someone mentioned they didn't want the subscription (nor did they have all the money to pay for it) but did want to donate a few bucks to you.

Although I'm usually loathe to have a "donate" option, I know that that is the standard for these types of indie games. I'll put one up, thank you for the suggestion.

Anyway, thanks everyone! Myself, Spiff, Cable Monkey and BZ put in *a lot* of time to get NEStalgia to this point. Let's hope that it's only the beginning, and that it helps to usher in a new era of original game development on BYOND.

Here are the big stories:

Joystiq: nestalgia-mixes-old-school-rpgs-with-new-school-mmos/

G4: NEStalgia-The-Retro-MORPG----MMO-And-Classic-RPG-Elements-To gether-At-Last.html

Kotaku:!5768499/ nestalgia-takes-the-mmo-beautifully-back-to-1987

Game Informer: if-world-of-warcraft-was-an-nes-game-it-might-work-something -like-this.aspx

Indie Games: online_multiplayer_rpg_nestalg.html
Haha, just read one of the quotes from a comment left on an article page: "Insanely awesome. Been looking for this for a while!"

He's been looking forward to a game that's been pubic to play for a long time previous to this stuff happening. ;)
Wow, G4 huh. I wonder if they will do a little bit on NEStalgia during one of those "The Feed" bits on AOTS. Anyways, congratulations!
Very nice. Congratulations, Silk!
I'm looking forward to seeing how this unfolds - thanks for posting about this, I have to say, it's been an interesting experience and I hope you will relay any further promotional news back to the community.

You're even getting tweets from Japan =P, and it's still early days! Kudos

edit: nestalgia-mistura-classicos-rpgs-8-bits-atuais-mmos/
Coolest success story ever.

Gameinformer's article alone had almost 9,000 views. Now silk gets to roll around in new sub money =)
What are your thoughts on a PVP server? A lot of MMOs have servers or features that cater to players that enjoy PVP more than they enjoy questing and battling bosses. You would log in, and when you create a character, it is automatically maxed out and you can PVP as much as you want but all quests and other storyline progression through the game would be disabled.

Also, if this hits G4's AOTS, the NEStalgia servers would detonate.
How would go about creating a server?
I think more people read Reddit, Kotaku, and Joystiq and others than watch AOTS. Uck.
NEStalgia is normally open PVP after level 10. Currently the game is in 'accept-PVP' mode in order to allow the new folks a bit of time to adjust to the game without anyone just preying on them for quick easy kills. Just wait a few days and the PVP-fun will return in full force. :)
Airjoe wrote:
I think more people read Reddit, Kotaku, and Joystiq and others than watch AOTS. Uck.

Ah, well, I just assumed that since it's actually on television, more people would see it.
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