Humans Vs. Creatures Warfare by Simcra
Make your way to the top. Survive the Warfare!
35 fans · Created May 29 2010
In the world of Humans Vs. Creatures Warfare, A biological warfare among the world takes place and brings to life the once dead mutation virus, causing humans to mutate into zombies and causing many other creatures to mutate into weird animal infestations...

Your task is to fight them off and stay alive!

Play this game in an online community, using a Feat System quite Similar to that in Biohazard, Enjoy fighting the enemy off while being able to chat to your friends in many different communication channels.

Currently containing over 10 guns.

I, Simcra
hereby present you with...
Humans Vs. Creatures Warfare, Open Beta!
I am currently in need of an Australian lagg-free, dedicated 24/7 server for my game, however I am quite capable hosting it myself for the time being. Thanks for coming to play the game, enjoy. I may consider remaking this.

If anyone encounters harassment going on in any of our servers all you need to do is screenshot, or copy and paste it into our Forum, and state when it happened, we will check the logs and if it has actually happened the person that harassed you or the person you witnessed getting harassed the offender will be banned for seven days. Any reliable hosts willing to be a backup host please email or instant message me at, thanks for your understanding.
Mr. Robert wrote:
Terrible quality graphics. Gameplay was very mundane, and could use a lot of work. Also needs to remove the REO2 source. I'd still consider this a rip due to the obvious REO2 source existance.

Reo source, no.. The guns library made by ShadowDarke or whoever made REO2 is what I used, and that was freely available to everyone. So NO, it is not a rip or using REO2 Source code. Majority of this I made myself but I did use the REO2 source owners gun library.
i can host but the downloading isnt working i have old versions of the files lol