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Geez, you just got screwed all sorts of ways didnt you?
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I seriously recommend a way for low ranks to bash purples, too. (For balance of the game, Purples have alooooot of power), and I need a challenge.

[EDIT] I ask for this so I can get ticked off and trap-nuke the base of the person who killed me. :P
Skysaw wrote:
Today I mailed off a check that covered the last of my debt, and I am now 100% free after seven plus years! Oh the glory! The pain and suffering is over!

Congratulations. I was bitten by the credit card bug in high school and now, at age 32, I'm still digging my way out of the hole. More power to you.
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Hanns wrote:
I ask for this so I can get ticked off and trap-nuke the base of the person who killed me. :P

*makes a note to never, EVER kill Hanns in MLAAS* :-D
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Skysaw wrote:
Jacro wrote:
how do you people exactly get such huge bills?

In my case, I married a crazy woman who liked to live beyond our means. Unfortuntately, when I left her, the debt stuck with me, since it was in my name (she had no credit, due to a then-recent bankruptcy). I managed to pass very little of the debt on to her. It didn't help that she was a lawyer, and had quite a number of lawyer friends.

Especially for people who aren't living on their own yet, I highly highly recommend reading:

The Millionaire Next Door

Their politics are wonky, but this is a scientific look at how people who have money make it and keep it. The answers are surprising, and fact-based.
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Why did ya marry someone who'd just gone bankrupt? Thats just cRaZy!

And I found something that says all women are evil:

First, women cost time and money.

women = time*money

everyone knows that time is money

time = money


women = money*money

money is the root of all evil

money = sqroot(evil)

so we are forced to conclude that:

women = money*money = evil

(Courtesy of
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I hate the security nodes, lol. The last person who attacked me gets my bonus.
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congrats parents didnt get out too easy.we signed for bankruptcy so we cant use those devil cards.

as for the music thing,dont forget what i said lol.if you make it big we wont see

but anyways im happy your outta debt.careful with those women too.they can be pretty evil
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Lol, I've already seen that. It was really funny at the time, becuase I had a class last year that was really small, like 7 kids(several people dropped the class)and it was all guys. The teacher would let us do just about anything, and one kid kept always bringing in stuff like that.
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Except that women take time AND money, not time TIMES money.
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Garthor, don't spoil a good joke. Spoilsport. =P
Most I use CCs for is Online games, and large purchases.

But I never make those large purchases unless I have the money in the bank. Im one of the very FEW people that use credit cards well.
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