In response to Zilal (#19)
Zilal wrote:
I would have to go with Immortal Clay. I'm not crazy about real random band names, and while Immortal Clay sounds slightly pretentious, it also sounds more serious. I mean less, uh, fad-of-the-moment. (Well heck, it's immortal!) Or you could call it Quiet Clay, a favorite metaphor of mine. Or heck, just call it The Cremation of Sam McGee.

I've wanted to have a band so I could name it Stalagmite. A rock formation. Huh, huh.


Hehe, I like Stalagmite!
In response to Leftley (#5)
Hmph. Apparently you're just not very well acquainted with diamond-studded pancakes.

Mmm... metamorphically-compressed carbon. Puts hair on your chest -- and causes really damned sore bowels afterward, too.
In response to Skysaw (#20)
Skysaw wrote:
Hehe, I like Stalagmite!

Since I highly doubt I'll ever form a band, I gift it to you.

Here is another one:

Old Man Toenails
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