Bam, an interesting turn of events. I wonder how much cash they'll make off those superhero movies now.
Five bucks says Disney fails with it.
Im terrified. I don't see disney doing too well with it, but! I will hope for the best.

Some marvel comics aren't even exactly family friendly... Are they going to dumb down Punisher, and destroy Deadpool?

There goes the gore and the women with their enhanced appendages.
Well *sigh*, there goes Marvel. At least we have DC.
This truely is the end of the world! Disney is going to screw over Marvel now...
PerfectGoku wrote:
Well *sigh*, there goes Marvel. At least we have DC.

DC doesnt even begin to compare with Marvel >.>
Disney is corrupt, its destined to fail. the-disney-marvel-team+ups-wed-like-to-see?skyline=true&s=i

I would like to see how they use Marvel to create the first Disney Marvel teamup game. I would love to play with Donald Duck and Wolverine. Total Fail
Hulk smash jews!!!!

I can see Disney's influence now!
Hm, imagine Kill Bill - Marvel style!
Or Spider-Mickey.