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The Developer Formerly Known as Spuzzum (Now Known As Jtgibson)

Spuzzum's Games
Battle for Solaris
"Fight for freedom. Win for justice." In this realtime/turn-based strategy blend, these are words to live by... and for your foes, words to die by.
About Battle for Solaris
Slurpy's a snake with a mission... and you have to get him out of a jam.
About Slurpy
The Haven Seed
Build yourself a life. And fight to protect it.
About The Haven Seed
Spuzzum's Demos
Alternate Shop Keeper
Another shopkeeper demo that gives an intuitive way of giving shopkeepers their wares, as well as giving 'flavour' text in menus.
About Alternate Shop Keeper
Provides a "memory" interface that makes players memorize information about the map, and only notice changes when returning. Also blacks out all unexplored portions of the map.
About CAGEmap
Identifies peoples' positions on the map with a coloured reticle. Also includes colour selection.
About CAGEreticle
The Garden of Eden Creation Kit, and its companion, Mr. Handy, are here to give you an example on how to make kits that combine materials to make complete items.
About GECK
Grouping Snippet
This is a snippet on how to create objects that can be grouped in a user's inventory.
About Grouping Snippet
Meter Snippet
Gives a small demonstration on how to have meters within your statpanels. Now with comments!
About Meter Snippet
Spuzzum's Libraries
This is the legacy version of s_admin version 2.0. The new version will be available at some point, but until then this is what you're left with.
About s_admin
Back by popular demand, this pops up anime speech bubbles above mobs!
About s_bubble
Version 2.1! -- Flashes damage numbers above targets when you smite them. Of course, it doesn't have to be for damage specifically... use it for whatever you'd like!
Re: About s_damage
Keeps the client's screen on the map; also includes the ability to specify a forward offset to move the eye forward.
About s_eye
A library that gives some useful HTML and hexadecimal functions.
About s_html
The s_missile library is a projectile system that is designed to be a supplement to the BYOND-provided missile() proc; if you have any projectiles or graphical effects, use this to shoot them!
About s_missile
A random model number generator. For example, if you're stuck for ideas, just make a 39LP-V, or an SO27, or even an X-D12.
About s_modelnum
Replaces your smiley text with actual little smiley icons. If that's your kinda thing, go for it.
About s_smiley
An update control library for single-server games that allows you to broadcast progress in your project to your players.
About s_tracker