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You know that really CUTE girl? The one with the blonde hair... And do you know that dude that always has his arm around her? Well, IM the dude behind the dude behind him.... You know? The creepy one.


Oct 21 2013, 7:15 pm
Toby. I miss you and my files. :'( Where are you guys? D: -- How's school?
Oct 19 2013, 9:19 pm
Did you die yet?

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Ss4toby's Games
Battle Zone
An ok shooting game with 7 game modes, 18 weapons(4 dual), 2 vehicles, and 5 maps.
About Battle Zone
Battle Zone(classic)
Fight other players and try to make your team dominate.
About Battle Zone(classic)
City Mall
A BYOND experience you wouldn't want to miss.
About City Mall
Dragon Ball Z: The Dragon Within
100% original DBZ gameplay and graphics!
About Smexy Offenders
About They Came In Hordes
War Zone
It's not just a battle anymore.
Re: About War Zone
Ss4toby's Demos
3D Ball
With this slopply put together system I made, it appears as though the player controls a 3 dementional ball.
About 3D Ball
AS Text Overlay
Auto-Spacing Text Overlay. This demo will automaticly space the text(sideways) so that it doesnt look crappy.
About AS Text Overlay
About Alternative On Screen Obj Demo
Alternative Shooting Demo
Projectile system that uses step repitition.
About Alternative Shooting Demo
Building Demolition
A cool way to destroy a building that has been mapped in.
About Building Demolition
Button Combos
Make move combos with ease. An easy to use system aswell.
Re: About Button Combos
Change & Save Icon Color
Are you making an icon that you need to look a different color? And does it look messed up when you try to "MANUALY" change it? Well! This demo lets you load and change color, then save an icon.
About Change & Save Icon Color
Client.Eye Client.Perspective
The screen will NOT go black when you observe another mob that is OUT of range.
About Client.Eye Client.Perspective
Coding Starters Guide
Removed until further notice.
About Coding Starters Guide
Crazy Flyin
A Flying Demo i guess..... To a sence.
About Crazy Flyin
Custom Flags
Are you making a war game that you would like to have flags in? Would you like the players to choose how their flags look? THEN THIS IS FOR YOU!
About Custom Flags
Custom Chat(input/output)
When BYOND 4.0 came out everyone was thrilled. Finally, we could completly customize our BYOND games to our likings.. This demo will show you how to use CSS, HTML, Javascript, and of course, DM; to create a completly customized chat display/input.
Re: About Custom Chat(input/output)
Colored Hair Overlay
This demo highlights a method to select hair color, then remove for accessories to be applied.
About Colored Hair Overlay
Day/Night System
A nice looking Day/Night system that uses the alpha system.
About Day/Night System
Drunk And Dizzy
(Source Files Downloadable)This demo makes the screen rotate until you are undizzy
Re: About Drunk And Dizzy
Ease Drop
A demo that makes it to where you can toggle whether or not you would like to hear all comunication that is done in the game(say to view and wisper).
About Ease Drop
Left-Click Right-Click
A demo that shows you how to distiguish left click from right click.
About Left-Click Right-Click
Mouse Stuff
In this demo, you can hold down the right mouse butten, then click with the left to place a object at the pixel you clicked. You can also hold down ctrl, alt, or shift to do other things.
About Mouse Stuff
Ping Detection
No longer wonder if it's your server or the player lagging. Now you know!
About Ping Detection
Pixel Bullets PLUSS
This demo has a UNIQUE bullet system, that allows the bullet to continue its path if it's pixel pdoesntath hit the icon of the turf it goes over.
Re: About Pixel Bullets PLUSS
Set Macro
Have you ever wanted to make it where players could set macros to verbs using somthing in the game? THEN THIS IS FOR YOU!!!
About Set Macro
Slot Machine
Its just a simple slot machine demo.
About Slot Machine
Snow Board Demo
This is a snow boarding demo i made... Has a cool ramping/jumping grafic. And you can 180, 360, ect. This "MITE" be updated over-time... No Promices.
About Snow Board Demo
Somthing Demo
A Mouse Over, Building, Demo
Re: About Somthing Demo
You know the switches in Mystic Journey? The once that you walk over and the force field will go down. Thats what this is!
About Switches
Typing Checker
This nifty little demo shows you how to make it to where you can tell if a person is typing or not. Also includes a character counter/limiter.
About Typing Checker
Web Ban
This system allows you to specify a web page that is scanned for text formatted in a manner that can be proccessed into a list. Just check it out....
About Web Ban
Ss4toby's Libraries
Battle System
This is a system I made for REFREAKz
About Battle System
I made this for Kingstone99.
About Lobby
Macro Handler
A system that makes macroing easy through verbs.
About Macro Handler
PF Checker
This library provides a system that can check to see if a host's server is joinable. More detail inside.
About PF Checker
Proc Handler
Create delayed and loop procedures out of any procudure. Can be halted or destroyed at anytime.
About Proc Handler