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Provides the virtual resources that a game master and his or her players need to enjoy traditional tabletop (pen and ...
by Silk Games | Apr 16 2009
A unique MORPG inspired by the gameplay of classic console RPGs
A sandbox roleplaying game combining lovecraftian elements, with the fast paced action of anime. - Currently in Open ...

Stevenw9's Favorite Resources

by Wizkidd0123 | Jun 5 2005
Tags: html
Ever seen the tags in the developer forum, and wished that your project could create that effect too? With this ...
by Darker Legends | Dec 9 2010
Tags: standings
Implent medals in your games today!
by PrinceVegeta122 | Jun 25 2010
Tags: admin
A library performing basic IP and CPU banning
by Garthor | Jan 12 2010
Tags: savefiles
Protects savefiles from being tampered with
by Lummox JR | Jan 6 2006
Tags: html
Highlight DM code in easy HTML output for chat or CGI applications