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Medals SuigetsuKyouka can earn in his favorite games, and all games in which SuigetsuKyouka has already earned some medals

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Bleach Rising Tide

Hard Worker

Reach level 5850

Complete the Tutorial

You know how to play now.

Magnificent Arm

Become a Sado

God in the Making

Become an Inoue


Become a Kanonji


Unlock your Ultimate Power


Well, you're there

On the Way

Reach your second highest level of evolution

Ultimate Power

You're at your peak

Moving Up

Unlock your first release

I'm Here

You're there

I did it!

Unlock your Bankai


Unlock Bankai as a Zaraki user

Kill someone 2000 levels higher than you
Supreme Failure

Be killed by somebody 2000 levels lower than you
Killing Spree

Obtain five kills in a row
Killing Frenzy

Ten kills in a row

Fifteen kills in a row
Punching Bag

Die fifty times

Die five times

Die ten times
Major Loser

Die fifteen times


Real Leaf Ninja

Get all Leaf Ninja Passives

Bloody Mist isnt a Myth

Get all Mist Ninja Passives

Sand Everywhere!

Get all Sand Ninja Passives

Missing Way of Life

Get all Missing Ninja Passives

Duel Monsters Genesis

Game Administrator

Tournament Moderator

Rule Moderator

Icon Contributor

The Numeron Code


Holder Misued Customization Features and doesn't get to use them anymore.

Step Off

Holder Misused Items and doesn't get to use them them anymore.

Dragonball Supremacy


BlackStar Dragonballs

Make an BlackStar Dragonball wish!

Beginner's Luck


Become a Combatant!

Master of the Universe

Complete the game!

Earth Dragonballs




Lord Of Supremacy

Life of Misery

Namek Dragonballs

True Hero


Legend Of Supremacy

Become A Legend Of The Supremacy World!

Shonen Jump Battlers - Season 1

My First Victory!

Fight in a Player Match and Win for the first time!

I'll will be known!

Fight in a Ranking Match and Win for the first time!

Our Fists Will Do The Talking

Fought over 10 Player Matches

I'll get experience!

Fought over 15 Ranking Matches

One Step Closer!

Rank Up to higher ranks in Ranking Matches

We Will Settle This Another Time

Win a match by a Time Out in Ranking Matches

A Battler's Experience Never Stop

Fought your way to reach level 10 as a Battler

Friendly Rivalry

Play 15 Free-For-All Matches in a Brawl Party (8 Party Members)

Experiencing The Battler's Life

Attain over 25,000 Experience through fighting {Season 2 Trophy}

Known By Many

Bought a Character for the first time!

Ultra Special Finish!

Finish your opponent with a Koma Special!

Super Finish!

Finish your opponent with a high combo of 25+

Koma Finish!

Finish your opponent with a Koma Attack

An opening, You are finish!

Surprise your opponent by countering their upcoming attacks!

I'll never let my guard down!

Block any upcoming attacks from an opponent!

My Own Team

Create your own guild or Join one for the first time!

So Close, Yet So Far!

Have ranked up to C Rank in Ranking Matches

Character Specialist!

Have a character who've reached C Rank from any matches!

Personal Party of Hype!

Play 50 Free-For-All Matches in a Brawl Party (8 Party Members)

A Battler Never Give Up!

Fought your way to reach level 30 as a Battler

Survival, The Sole Option

Survive more than 60 waves in Zombie Arcade. (Hard Difficulty Only)

Long Way Ahead!

Attain over 100,000 Experience through fighting {Season 2 Trophy}

Mr.Titles / Mrs.Titles

Own over 30 titles {Season 2 Trophy}

The Willpower of a Battler!

Won over 20 consecutives battles!

Confident Battler

Win a battle with a win rate equal or below 30%

Amazing Comeback!

Defeat your opponent with less than 10% Health in Ranking Matches

SJB Champion

Join a SJB Tournament and Become its Champion

A Battler Is Destined To Fight And Create Bonds

Fought your way to reach level 75 as a Battler

Hero of SJB

Survive more than 120 waves in Zombie Arcade. (Shonen Difficulty Only)

It's All About Perseverance!

Attain over 500,000 Experience through fighting {Season 2 Trophy}

The King of All Battlers

Win a KoB Official Tournament {Season 2 Trophy}

So Much Titles To Handle!

Own over 100 titles {Season 2 Trophy}

The Philosopher of Battling

Attain over 1,000,000 Experience through fighting {Season 2 Trophy}

The Adventure May End, The Journey Doesn't!

Fought your way to reach level 200 as a Battler {Season 2 Trophy}

Zombie Apocalyspe God Survivor

Survive all 200 waves in Zombie Arcade. (The Lee Bros. Difficulty Only)

Heroes United

BYOND Member

Have an active BYOND Membership

Pokemon Challenger

Insect Badge

Award for completing the first badge challenge!
Gaia Badge

Award for completing the second badge challenge!
Spook Badge

Award for completing the third badge challenge!
Alloy Badge

Award for completing the fourth badge challenge!
Frost Badge

Award for completing the fifth badge challenge!
Melee Badge

Award for completing the sixth badge challenge!
Shadow Badge

Award for completing the seventh badge challenge!
Miracle Badge

Award for completing the eighth badge challenge!
Elite Certificate

Award for defeating the Elite Four in combat.
Champion Trophy

Proof of complete Pokemon mastery.
Wave Adept

Defeated 50 waves in any mode
Wave Professional

Defeated 75 waves in any mode
Wave Master

Defeated 100 waves in any mode
Solo Adept

Defeated 50 waves in single-player
Solo Professional

Defeated 75 waves in single-player
Solo Master

Defeated 100 waves in single-player
Minor Invincibility

Defeated 20 waves with no fainting
Major invincibility

Defeated 30 waves with no fainting

Defeated 100 waves with no fainting

Earn 3 million lifetime experience

Earn 10 million lifetime experience

Earn 20 million lifetime experience

Earn 30 million lifetime experience (coming soon!)

Earn 40 million lifetime experience (coming soon!)

Earn 50 million lifetime experience (coming soon!)
Adventurer Lite

Seen 75 species of Pokemon
Around the Block

Seen 110 species of Pokemon
National Dex

Seen 150 species of Pokemon
Budding Scholar

Seen 200 species of Pokemon
Trainer Lite

Caught 50 species of Pokemon (coming soon!)
Skilled Trainer

Caught 100 species of Pokemon (coming soon!)
National Trainer

Caught 150 species of Pokemon (coming soon!)

Last of the Living

Max Strength

Buy the fifth skill point for strength

Max Stamina

Buy the fifth skill point for stamina

Max Accuracy

Buy the fifth skill point for accuracy

Max Healing

Buy the fifth skill point for healing

Max Crafting

Buy the fifth point for crafting

Max Scavenging

Buy the fifth skill point for scavenging

Hunting Season

Find a gun while looting


Kill another player


Survive 7 consecutive days


Survive 30 consecutive days


Survive for 24 realtime hours (60 consecutive in game days)


Survive for 365 consecutive days

Ninja Origins


Attained 5 kills.


Attained 20 kills.


Attained 50 kills.


Attained 100 kills.


Attained 120 kills.


Attained 250 kills.


Attained 500 kills.


Attained 1000 kills.


Attained 2000 kills.

Stray Games

Dead Falling

Kill 53,594 Zombies

Quest Complete

Completed a Quest

Bleach: Hollow Flash

Gave In

Go into the dark


Find the light

Dead-Man Walking

Die 50 times


Kill 50 people

Taste of Blood

Devour a soul


Perform a Soul Burial

Soul Eater

Devour 100 Souls

Perform 100 Soul Burials
Devour of Worlds

Devour 500 Souls
Captain Planet

Perform 500 Soul Burials

Reach level 100
Average Weakling

Reach level 250
Walk the Line

Reach level 500
Crush the Line

Reach level 1000

Reach level 10000 as a shinigami

Espada Class

Become an Espada

Heroes United 2


Have an Active Stray Games Subscription
BYOND Member

Have an Active BYOND Membership
Sub Member

Have an Active Subcription and Membership


Double Kill

Kill 2 enemies in quick succession.

Triple Kill

Kill 3 enemies in quick succession.

Ultra Kill

Kill 4 enemies in quick succession.


Kill 5 enemies without dying.


Kill 10 enemies without dying.

Master of Massacre

Kill 15 enemies without dying.


Win 50 online matches.


Win 100 online matches.

Flag Savior

Return your flag 5 times in one session.

Flag Thief

Capture the enemy flag 5 times in one session.


Kill 3 enemies with a single explosion.


Cause 25 enemies to bleed to death in one session.


Kill 15 people from the grave in one session.


Kill 15 enemies with a headshot in one session.

Space Station 13 Medals

1.21 Jiggawatts




Entrusted with the secret.

A Holly Jolly Spacemas

Spent your Spacemas being beaten to death with toolboxes.

Adjutant Online

Good morning, Captain.

Bear Hug

Better to burn out, than fade away

Bill Masen

Bombini is Missing!

Bury the Dead

Button Pusher


Captain's Log


Cream of the Crop

Lemme tell ya somethin' right now...



Dangerous Game

You're not allowed to complain if your crew mates beat you to death.

Dead or alive, you're coming with me

Dracula Jr.


The dead know only one thing: it is better to be alive.

Fell down the stairs

Only the ghosts know the truth now.

Format Complete

AI, what are your current laws?

For Your Ohm Good

Fun Times


Glass ceiling

Go away! 'Batin!

Frito Pendejo, public defender.

Guardin' gnome

Lost and found.

Jimi Heselden

R.I.P. Segway dude.



honk HONK mother FU-

He's dead, Jim


I don't give a shit

Literally seriously, I can't.


Flew too close!


Just havin' a good time, chillin' out.

High Five!


Old-school chemist's club.


BANG, bang!

Identity Theft

Good thing these are not laminated.

It's frickin' freezing in here, Mr. Bigglesworth

It's just a flesh wound!

It's not 'Door to Heaven'

Is it really that time again?

Gordon would approve.

It's not easy being green

Your muscles hurt.

Leave no man behind!

The ultimate sacrifice.

Life, uh... finds a way

Man with a Scan


The Syndicate would be proud.

Manhattan Project

Master of Unlocking

Performed the steps required to unlock the Good Ending from the solarium riddle.

Meth is a hell of a drug

Monkey Duty

Twenty cents a day, and half a bottle of beer a week.

Mostly Armless

My Bologna Has A First Name


Neither fashionable noir stylish


Watching the world burn.

Newton's Crew

Stare into the sun.

Oh, Doctor!

Just the spot.

Ol' buddy ol' pal

I really admire how you stack the odds against yourself! Yeah, make things challenging!

Old Enemy

Tensions between Nanotrasen and the Syndicate are reaching a boiling point.

One Armed Bandit



Primum non nocere


Puerile humour

Red Hood

Reefer Madness

Remember to Wash Behind the Antennae


Shit Fest

Shit for brains

Shut Up and Jam

The year is 2041.

Silent Running

Slow Burn

Smooth Operator

Space Ham




Suitable? How about the Oubliette?!

Tax Haven

That tasted funny

That's no moon, that's a GOURMAND!

The Force is strong with this one


The mail always goes through

The Syndicate Connection

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.

This object menaces with spikes of...

Through the fire and flames



Too Cool

Too Fast Too Furious

Trail of Blood

You have successfully solved the rather intriguing case of your family inheritance, enjoy your reward.

Try jiggling the handle

Unlike the director, I went to college


Untapped Potential

Who needs magic when you've got skill like this?

Vacuum Sealed

We didn't start the fire

Weird Science

That's gross! That's sick! I am not digging up dead girls!

What's this box doing here?

Where we're going, we won't need eyes to see

Where's the smoking gun?


Owl always love you


Lost the will to go on.

You're no Elminster!

You might look the part but your magic's all smoke and mirrors.

You're a mean one...

You're a bad banana with a greasy black peel.

Noah's Shuttle

It's not 2 of each kind but we'll make due.

Law 1: Don't be an asshat

Asimov's laws were always a little behind.

Vehicular Manslaughter

Windshield's a little hard to see through.

Party Hard

You were the life of the party, before your own life got taken away.

Spaceship of Theseus

Despite all that, you're still in the same boat.

Quit Cloning Around

Diminishing reruns.

Final Fight


This shows you have been able to accomplish the hard and gain Chuunin among the other Genins!


You have accomplished getting Jounin, showing you are an elite ninja within the village.


You were made an ANBU by the Village Leader, showing you are a strong ninja who can even protect the village within the shadows.

Elite Ninja

You have made Jounin and learned over 50 Jutsu techniques.

Clan Leader

You've become a leader of a Clan!


The Hokage is the supreme leader of Leaf who is considered the most strongest of the village and also the best leader.


The Amekoutei is the supreme leader of Rain who is considered the most strongest of the village and also the best leader.


The Tsuchikage is the supreme leader of Rock who is considered the most strongest of the village and also the best leader.


The Otokami is the supreme leader of Sound who is considered the most strongest of the village and also the best leader.


Use Byakugan for the first time.

Black Flames

Currently unavailable.

Everybody Hates A Sasuke

Currently unavailable.