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Random comment on Reddit:
"The account recovery for Byond is ridiculous. It says my email has already been used to create an account, so i figured i'll recover whatever account someone made when they used my email address.

It wants to know the account name in order for it to resend/reset the password. How the [heck] would i know?

The password recovery page should also have an email field for situations where you can't remember what key you registered.
Ok, but I'm not looking forward to the support requests from people's whose keys are stolen because their email is hacked. Hotmail's security has to be the worst on the planet.
Well, you can't really be held responsible for people having a 32-character password then using their birthday as a security question.
Majority of the "stolen" (or "hacked") accounts on my games are because the players hand out their passwords like candy on Halloween.