Ness was low tier anyways lol
Lucas look way better
Takaryu wrote:
Ness was low tier anyways lol
Lucas look way better

Low tier? Only to those that don't know how to use him... In the hands of a master, he was virtually indestructible (I'm talking saving himself from off-screen using his PK Thunder launch, and stuff like that)

The kid is amazing...

Lucas looks like he'll be close enough to fill in for him, though...
I wish I had the wii :/
I hate that whole "Tier" shit. I don't think Shiek is that good, to be honest.

I don't think Fox will be up on the top in brawl, seeing how he is no longer one of the fastest.

Wait, don't get too sad yet. Remember, up until now can be inclusive. Up until this point I have been typing. I have continued typing. Getting rid of Ness in Brawl would make Ness the only of the original 12 to be left out. If they did that, they might as well add in Sonic or Snake.

Don't forget captain falcon. No news on him yet.
Well, they gotta have the cliche race car driver with annoying mannerisms. Otherwise it won't be a true compilation of Japanese games.
Odds are they will add him. They already added his "Rival" Samurai Guroh as a support trophy.

Other than that, I wish they revealed ONE of the secret characters.

Just so I know that Luigi is alive.

he a secret SSHH

oh and all secrets can be clicked on


Click on the secrets to see if your chareters are there...

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