Super Saiyan X

Joined: May 13 2005

I'm also known as 'Takuy' and 'Tako'. I hate helping people. But I still do it.


Jan 25 2020, 5:53 am
Lmao damn after all these years still here #originals­čĄŁ
May 26 2019, 2:39 am
I used to be Twosidneys, if I recall. I forgot my old username and password and the email I used for the account, I forgot the information for it, too. LOL.

I've only found the Mystia's Version of DBRP and he hasn't responded to me yet. I'll keep looking for other people's versions, but he's the only one I've come across so far, unfortunately.
Super Saiyan X
May 25 2019, 9:29 pm
i don't distribute the host/source files but it looks like other people have found the source/rebuilt the game or whatever. there's a few hubs. ask them.

but who are you? unrecognizable key
May 25 2019, 8:28 pm
Or if you could point me in the direction of someone who has them, that would be fine, too!

Regardless, I hope you have a nice day!
May 25 2019, 8:22 pm
OH MY GOD. You're still here after all these years!
Would it be possible to have the host files or whatever for DBRP? It's a game I used to play (and Lv1 Mod for) years ago and I miss it dreadfully. If not, it's totally fine and I understand, but would appreciate it if it's possible!

Also, I hope you're having a great day!

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Medals Super Saiyan X can earn in their favorite games, and all games in which Super Saiyan X has already earned some medals

[Only favorite games] [Earned medals]

Research Facility Chiron

Fish Fillet

Kill 25 skullfish

Kill 25 ghouls

Kill 25 immolators

Kill 25 daemons

Complete the campaign

Attain the maximum ranking in-game

Alchemist Classic

Star Peridot

Achieve a Ranking of 800 or higher.

Box Zombies

Them Benjamins

Collect 100 Gold

Thinning the Herd

Kill 100 Zombies


Gain a Level

Dead Falling

Kill 53,594 Zombies

Two Birds

Kill 2 Zombies with Melee

Quest Complete

Completed a Quest

Three Birds

Killed 3 Zombies with a Single Bullet

Digimon Tamers Classic


Reach a Tamer Level of 5

Bronze Tamer

Reach a Tamer Level of 15

Silver Tamer

Reach a Tamer Level of 25

Gold Tamer

Reach a Tamer Level of 35

Brave Tamer

Reach a Tamer Level of 50

Robust Tamer

Reach a Tamer Level of 75

Legendary Tamer

Reach a Tamer Level of 100

Klassical Koala 2013

Free at Last?

Complete the run.

Gave Up

Left the game without finishing.


War Hero

Snipe a Soldier Block


Take down a Berzerk Block

Krate Kevorkian

Bag yourself a medic

Honorary Belmont

Stake out a vampire Bloc

Learning Experience

Take damage from a Mirror Bloc


Put a Twitchy Block out of it's misery

A Knight to remember

Slay yourself a knight Block

Better than Naruto

Make a Ninja Block disappear permanently

Royal Pain

Dethrone a King Block

I got 99 levels and this B**** is done.

Beat all 99 levels.

Casual Quest

Ancient Tome

Survived to wave 40

Moon Stone

Survived to wave 60

Isis Mirror

Survived to wave 80

Charm of Chanji

Survived to wave 100

Staff of Kyamites

Survived to wave 120

Singing Harp

Survived to wave 140

Bearly Made It


Double Kill

Kill 2 enemies in quick succession.

Triple Kill

Kill 3 enemies in quick succession.

Ultra Kill

Kill 4 enemies in quick succession.


Kill 5 enemies without dying.


Kill 10 enemies without dying.

Master of Massacre

Kill 15 enemies without dying.


Win 50 online matches.


Win 100 online matches.

Flag Savior

Return your flag 5 times in one session.

Flag Thief

Capture the enemy flag 5 times in one session.


Kill 3 enemies with a single explosion.


Cause 25 enemies to bleed to death in one session.


Kill 15 people from the grave in one session.


Kill 15 enemies with a headshot in one session.



Survive for 10 minutes

Very Bored

Survive for 20 minutes

The Matching Game


Given to those people who donate a tile set which has been accepted. :)

Bleach Takeover

Level 50

Get To level 50

Level 100

Get to Level 100

Level 10000

Get to Level 10000

Level 100000

Get to Level 100000


Win a event done by a owner

Level 1000000

Get to Level 1000000

Level 10000000

Get to Level 10000000

Some Clown

Defeated the inner hollow

Childs Play

Join a race


Get 15 kills


Get 1000 kills

Mass Murder

You have killed 10000 people

Flash Step Master

Master your flash step


Die 50 times


Use flash step 100 times


Become an Substitute Shinigami

Sword Master

master your shikai

Captain of Squad 13

You are the Captain of Sqaud 13

Captain of Squad 12

You are the Captain of Sqaud 12

Captain of Squad 11

You are the Captain of Squad 11

Captain of Squad 10

You are the Captain of Squad 10

Captain of Squad 9

You are the Captain of Squad 9

Captain of Squad 8

Your are the Captain of Squad 8

Captain of Squad 7

You are Captain of Squad 7

Captain of Squad 6

You are the Captain of Squad 6

Captain of Squad 5

You are the Captain of Squad 5

Captain of Squad 4

You are the Captain of Squad 4

Captain of Squad 3

You are the Captain of Squad 3

Captain of Squad 2

You are the Captain of Squad 2

Captain of Squad 1

You are the Captain of Squad 1

Members Support

Refer BT Or Any of All Star Games when your becoming a member

Version 1

Play Version 1

Members Perks

Play Version 1 as a byond member

Star Wars: Clone Corps


You have completed 15 missions and earned 500 points, earning you the rank of Sergeant. Keep it up, trooper!


You have completed 70 missions and gotten 2,500 points, earning you the rank of Lieutenant.


You are now a Captain. Good work completing 165 missions and getting 5,000 points. Lead our boys to victory!

Missions: Rookie

You have completed 10 missions.

Missions: Trooper

You have completed 50 missions.

Missions: Hardened

You have completed 200 missions.

Missions: Seasoned

You have completed 500 missions.

Missions: Veteran

You have completed 1,000 missions. You are a veteran of the field. Good work, Soldier.


1st Place 2009

1st Place for 2009: Ganing

2nd Place 2009

2nd Place for 2009: Kozuma3

3rd Place 2009

3rd Place for 2009: Mastermatthew

90 seconds


Score: 350


Score: 450


Score: 550

MOOSE Points

Copper Trophy

Earned 500 MOOSE Points

Silver Trophy

Earned 1000 MOOSE Points

Gold Trophy

Earned 1500 MOOSE Points

100% Medal

Score 100% Medals Earned in any game.


Taste The Maple

Gather all 100 Maple Leafs in Moosetown.

Catch Some Z's

Watch all of the Credits

Here Comes The Sun

Defeat Prazon and Save the Day


An Hero

Have Fred quit life 200 times in total.


Donate and gain access to Premium features.

Man In The Mirror

See yourself in one of the 3 recent subscriber photos.

What is this I don't even

Access the Premium area (Premium)

Oh Noez I Fell

Falling on the ice made you kill yourself? (Premium)

This.. is.. RAGE!

Fall down a giant hole (Premium)

Extra Crispy

Learn about fire

Haters gonna Hate

Explore the Streets!

Mail Time!

When it comes I wanna wail!


Grenades aren't supposed to go down there.



Die while worshipping a God.

Little Red Riding Hood

Get killed by a wolf.

Big Game Hunter

Kill a wolf or sheep.

I'm Your God, Not Your Friend

Kill one of your followers.


Kill someone who ISN'T one of your followers.

I Reject Your Reality

Become an atheist.


Would you worship me? I'd worship me. I'd worship me all year long.