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Joined: Oct 22 2018

Used to play games on here years ago, i came back to see whats up and started to learn code now i cant put down my laptop!

Surge mage's Favorite Games

by Taint_thewizard | Apr 15 2014
Tags: action, adventure, rpg
The everlasting adventure.
An action rpg; with spells, potions, weapons, armor, hirelings, quest galore and a huge map to explore.
by Abra | May 23 2004
Tags: defense
They are coming.......Defend yourself
by Evi of au | Sep 3 2018
Abra's Castle, modernized.
Fantasy action adventure with boundless possibilities! Each server can be a unique customized world.
by Devourer Of Souls | Jun 29 2004
Tags: anime
An online, manual version of the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG.
by Kozuma3 | Sep 30 2015
A fantasty RPG.
by The Magic Man | Jul 10 2010
A very generic game.
by Falacy | Feb 12 2007
Tags: defense, strategy
Real Time Strategy Game - Setup Troops and Protect the Gold
by Falacy | Feb 20 2011
Battle alongside your allies in an effort to defend loot from hordes of monsters!
Team based action!

Surge mage's Favorite Resources

by Agrey123 | Dec 30 2009
Tags: combat
A attack system which is direction based(the player has to be infront of the other player to attack) very simple to use ...
by Rifthaven | Jul 3 2003
Tags: combat
Learn how to make an attacking code that doesnt use var/mob/M in oview(1). This code you face the enemy to hit them, and ...
by Axerob | Jul 28 2008
Tags: skills
A simple demonstration of a skill tree system
by Scizzees | Oct 31 2007
Tags: combat
A fully commented battle/combat system for RPG games.
by Deadron | May 19 2001
Tags: combat
A very simple combat system to get you going.
by Kaiochao | Jul 21 2016
Tags: utility
An enumeration for the built-in directions, with extra useful functions.
A port of the popular physics engine for BYOND.
by Forum_account | Jun 27 2010
Tags: ai
A sequence of examples that start with simple enemy AI and introduce new features one at a time.
by Wizkidd0123 | Dec 23 2004
This demo will teach you one of the many ways to make a working equipment system.
by FinalFantasyFreak | Aug 10 2003
Tags: components
This demo is a basic security system for a game, with trip wires in it.(Good for fast paced games)
Pixel movement that navigates through gaps and around corners. Also combines cardinal key presses into diagonal ...
by Rifthaven | Jun 30 2003
Tags: economy
Learn how to make a bank that stores both gold and items!
by Woo | Aug 24 2017
Tags: hud, npc, rpg, text, words
Windows that appear as a heads-up display, with on-screen text. Perfect for RPGs, games with a story component, and any ...
by Rifthaven | Jul 19 2007
Tags: projectiles
A shooting demo where the bullets instantly hit their mark (or instantly miss).
by Evi of au | Apr 6 2009
Ever wanted multiple items to stack in your inventory? This is for you.
by Maximus_Alex2003 | Jun 27 2017
Tags: music, noise, utility
by Kidpaddle45 | Jul 12 2014
A library that shows how to create a dialogue system with NPCs. (All interface based)
by Ebonshadow | Jul 27 2002
Tags: movement
A small snippet that may be used to add pixel movement into your games!
by Xerse | Oct 22 2004
Tags: source
Rise of Heroes Source Files
Demonstration on creating a equipment window primarily for rpg based games.
by Albro1 | May 2 2012
A small framework for a simple RPG. Newbies can learn from it.
Inventory appears as a heads-up display, with the selected item equipped for use. Includes variables for inventory ...
by Rifthaven | Jul 17 2003
Tags: target
A demo that explains a system which you can fire a gun!
by Rifthaven | Jul 6 2003
Tags: economy
Learn how to create a shop with buy and sell verbs!!!
by Nexes | Jan 31 2003
Great working shop keepr code
by Forum_account | Nov 2 2010
This library gives you the basic movement system of a platformer. You can make an action/platform game in minutes!
by Ter13 | Jan 12 2017
Essential standardized features for use in any DM project.
by AJX | May 20 2009
Tags: effects
Example of how to make trees go invisible when you walk behind them (and a few extra features...)
by Malver | Aug 7 2002
Tags: combat
War Demo! Complete with movement system, firing system, and weapons!
by Fat Albert | Oct 13 2016
A core environment that provides many useful features to help you develop a high quality game.