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Mar 23, 7:18 am
Yo, whats new, i've been offline for maybe over 4 years. Just came back, i remember you, we use to talk, Well i use to talk with alot of people, Seems not alot of them are active, But your on my friendslist :P
Feb 5, 10:56 am
Can you bring Bleach Dirge of Chaos back? It was an awesome game!
Jan 18, 5:30 am
Hey Teka, I was wondering how I can get a rejected HUB reevaluated? Been working on a game of mine for a very long time and the HUB was rejected for being a "rip" (which wasn't true), but I've rebuilt the game from the ground up, new programming, new interface, practically new everything. I was just hoping I could have the HUB looked at once more.
Ownage 9000
Jan 3, 11:34 pm
Hey Teka,
You don't know me and I'm not here to ask for membership or anything. However I have been playing BYOND for years now and recently have been intrigued by developing. I was wondering if you ever had the chance and if you wanted too of course maybe show me a thing or two about Icon, Coding and or mapping? Anything would be awesome I'd just love to learn :)

Thanks man,
Dec 29 2013, 8:06 pm
Oh my god Teka, we haven't spoken in so long, and I recently went on byond to pop around with some old friends. Let's chat sometime mate! Skype's Sushiuu, if you're up for it.

-From your lovely neighborhood fish, Sushi

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