See teka, look at all these comments, and look how many people follow your page, then look at how much you have acctually donated to buying people memberships

You have no reason to be sad about this except that you cant see the happy remarks, but then again, most people in your company make happy and joyous remarks.

In all fairness Teka, you"re one of the nicest people on Byond, I cant see anyone trolling you without getting massively trolled themselves, even then you would probably stop the people.

You should probably be awarded a special Byond medal called the, "Byond Nobel Award". XD, a few others as well if that came to be, but you would be in there.

Also remember all the people you helped out before, they surely wont forget you. You in turn should never forget them!

Dragged on too long probably gonna be trolled now XD see ya. Oh count me in for $20-$40.
I don't think you need to apologize - even I never received a membership from you and am still grateful for all you've done.
Thank you all very much for the support.

I really didn't expect such kind words from everyone, especially from a lot of people i have not spoken to for some time or don't even know!

It appears most the people i talk to currently don't have anything to say though lol :).

Well i'm afraid i don't actually have as many true friends as i would hope, there is probably a huge portion of people who only act like they may be my friends because i bought them something, but i guess it's to be expected, and i hope not too many people think i try to buy friendship, but i presume theres plenty of people who think that's what i do.

Ahh liam, that's a nice thought but don't worry, I think you deserve to go up the list yourself and be shown for how kind you are.

Thank you ussj4 and everyone else, but please don't spend your money on me.

Do not set up a money fund for me, i bought the memberships to help others out, i never expected or asked to be re payed in any way, and i don't think it's fair on you guys.

You will all need your money sooner or later, and i cant go and take that away from you!

But thank you all very much.
What you say? I don't care about membership. You're my friend Teka. You're a good guy.

Well, you still will be here on byond? :)
Lol, he's playing the guilt card. He knows he NEEDS the money. Man, just take it. I doubt everyone giving $1 to $10 is gonna break the bank for us. I just got my tax return, and have $3,000 something in the bank. So, lets get this going. I don't even know you like that, nor do I know if you bought me a membership, but I do know whats it's like to struggle for a minute. I had debt stacked to the clouds right after my first child (daughter) was born. I still had bills after my son was born. I have bills now, but I'm in a better situation now as a single father. I just pay my rent, electric, and stuff for the kids. I can give you $10 easily. It'll just come out of my ps3 game purchase saving, which wont kill me. You didn't ask for the money, we're offering to help YOU out. You made a mistake by spending way too much on random people. A really dumb one, but none the less... you were being nice. People learn from their mistakes, that I know considering I used to blow money and end up losing my first townhome over it. You deserve a second chance, so let us help you. Still waiting on that fund e-mail address so I can send $10. It's not going to kill me. It's chump change.
Branks, it's not really guilt, its more of principle and going against what i have been doing so far.

Of course i would love the help, but how can i expect that of you guys :(.
Teka, you never bought me anything and you do not know me, just on princible I would help you out. You dont need to talk like that at all xD, and to those who have nothing to say, uhh... Cant cuss.... Phooey on you!

Just listen to people, those who wanted to send you money and those who post on here are your friends.

Btw I dont have paypal, otherwise I would send you some money.. Dommit >_<.
This may contradict what i said before, but i am embarrassed and feel very uncomfortable about asking, but i do really need help to get out of this situation.

Ok guy's, please if you can spare some money, i would really appreciate it

Any money at all will be a huge help, i'm sorry about asking, i didn't make this post for that purpose, but i'm very appreciative that the topic was mentioned and if you really don't mind, please help me.
Nice bro, but why the hell did you delete my post >:{ how will they know where to give the money if u delete the post about your paypal address.
You bought me my membership. Post a way to donate to you and I'll give the money back + interest.
Well everyone should get helping him out. :) is his paypal! :O

I'm sending money right now! >:D
Gl everyone, I may post something in a community forum :D... Lol. Sorry I cant send you mony man >_<...
I could not think of anything to write but... Sad face.

P.S: Sorry I can't send any money.
Thank you everyone, it's turned out a bit like i expected,
That not many people here are either able or wealthy enough to help me out of this situation.

As of now i have received $10 which is more than i expected, so thank you very much for that!

I have just added a list of my financial supporters now, i appreciate every little penny you gave, Thank you.

Well at least this will help with my struggle a bit and also thank you to everyone else who would if they could, but cant.
Out of curiosity, how much would help you get out of your current situation?
I have a ?1000 overdraft, basically money which i get charged for spending but i'm allowed to.

Well i have used it all up and gone a further ?800 more into it and upon one of my latest Byond membership's i received a phone call from the bank saying that my overdraft is now void and that i need to repay the money by May and they asked me to come to the bank on Saturday to talk about it.

Currently i receive ?1100 a month from my work, my monthly bills are roughly:

?350 rent
?200 car
?200 insurance
?100 fuel
?50 food

So that means i spend ?900 out going and i can save ?200 a month as long as i don't buy things or socialize or buy anything unneeded etc.

So i have 4 months where i will be able to save ?800, that just leaves me another ?1000 to save myself,

I should be able to get do some overtime on the weekends and work pretty much every day and i see myself being able to save up a further ?500

So i would still probably need another ?300.. which would be about $477
You've done so much for us, it's the least we can do. I know you didn't buy those memberships just to get a favor in return, and you didn't buy mine, however, no good deed goes unnoticed.
I remember when I was having financial difficulties back in '07, the BYOND community rallied and people I didn't know send me sums of money I couldn't at the time imagine of being expendable.

Because people helped me out back then when I was struggling. I'll now attempt to help you.

I sent you $100.00. I'll see what more I can spare on payday.
If I had da monies I be sendin' you da monies.
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